April 16, 2021

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Social Issues

Social Issues

The wonders of leftist cognitive dissonance

It’s strange that, with full color, x-ray vision into the fetus’s world, leftists can both celebrate that view and still be pro-abortion. I grew up as a pro-abortion Democrat. I was unable to maintain that attitude when I saw the first ultrasound of my daughter at ten or eleven weeks [Read More]

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Social Issues

Is there an upside for men hidden in the Equality Act?

Bear with me here, because I’ve got a weird theory about the Equality Act and the whole transwomen (i.e., fake women) thing. I am and will continue to be second to none in my assertion that there is no such thing as transgenderism — that is, wishing you were or [Read More]

Politics and Economics


The lessons we only learn through pain

Corporations funded the Democrat party and now openly push its policies. It’s time to give them a lesson in economic pain to make them stop. For anyone hoping that this is some weird S&M post, you’re at the wrong place. Instead, it’s about the fact that, while praising good behavior [Read More]


My annual Passover post, with Biden in Pharaoh’s role this year

Every year, I publish a variation of my Passover post, with the latest enemy of freedom starring as Pharaoh. This year, Biden is Pharaoh. For roughly 3,500 years, Jews have been telling and retelling the story of Passover — which is also the story of the world’s first revolt against [Read More]


Conservatives need a leader — and all we’ve got are politicians

Since November 2020, conservatives have been adrift, something that won’t change until someone moves to the head of the pack and brings them together. One of the things that makes leftists leftist is that they are pack animals. They move in unison. Even when they’re being insanely tribal, as with [Read More]



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