November 21, 2017

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Sex Scandals Charlie Rose Al Franken

The Bookworm Beat 11/21/17 — sex scandals illustrated edition

November 21, 2017 0

I’ve assembled a small (but solid) collection of sex scandals posters, plus a few of my own comments about Left//Right differences vis-a-vis the scandals. First, the posters: And now my comments about these roiling, boiling, continuously new and (if hyper-hypocritical Progs are involved) enjoyable sex scandals: 1. The women’s movement [Read More]

Illustrated Edition

The Bookworm Beat 11/19/17 — the illustrated edition

November 19, 2017 0

There’s something for everyone (at least everyone with sound common sense, an informed mind, and a good brain) in my latest illustrated edition. I had a post I wanted to write today, but haven’t yet figured out how to do it without violating someone’s privacy. So, while I wrestle with [Read More]

Donald Trump

How Trump May Be Saving Social Security

November 19, 2017 2

A funny thing happened on the way to the collapse of Social Security. It didn’t. Or to be more accurately, the countdown took a momentary pause for the cause. Back in June 2016, the New York Times reported on the annual report by actuaries on when Social Security’s surplus would [Read More]

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