March 24, 2019

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Boston Red Sox Player Ted Williams swearing into USNavy 1942 Source: US Military/Wikipedia

When Hollywood Volunteered to go to War

Veterans Tales by Vassar Bushmills March 29, 2019 is Vietnam Veterans Day. Those veterans, called Baby Boomers, all recognize these Hollywood stars who served in the military during World War II. It’s called a handshake. Obviously this is not the America of today that it was seventy years ago when [Read More]

Social Issues

Steve Hilton of Fox News The Next Revolution subject: "The Right Kind of Populism"

Steve Hilton: Beware the populism of the left (video)

In between dozing off last night with the television on in the background  I caught tidbits of The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton which airs Sunday night’s on the Fox News channel.  One such block was Hilton’s discussion on “The Right kind of Populism” and populism of the left’ 

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