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No Margin of Error in Picking This Weeks Weasels

Tweet This week’s winners touch on many topics while converging on the simple fact that the mainstream media has been illegitimate in its coverage of Barack Obama. Whether the topic is Barack Obama’s character, misleading polls or the perceived racism of anyone that doesn’t support The One you can be assured that the facts contradict […]

Weasel Worthy: Media Insiders Worry About Their Own Bias

Tweet There is less than one week left before the nation elects a new President and the race is still to close to call according to some polls. The gap between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Saturday through Monday has narrowed slightly, and Obama is now at 49% of […]

Winning Submissions Tell A Tale of Two Obama’s (and one media)

Tweet This weeks winning entries pit the mainstream media’s pro-Obama narrative against Barack Obama’s actual record of accomplishment and personal identity. The media has shed what little credibility they had by coming to the defense of Barack Obama’s “share the wealth” statement. Once again those that oppose Barack Obama on substantive matters are being labeled […]

Submissions During Depress the Conservative Vote Week

Tweet Word is starting to spread that the mainstream media is trying to depress the vote by putting out a false narrative that the McCain campaign is pulling out of key battleground states because they are “hopeless”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only would this be political suicide but it runs counter […]

The Complete Guide to This Week’s Weasels of the World

Tweet Another week has passed and the Watchers Council found an unprecedented number of weasels among the field of submitted entries. A quick survey of the week that was shows the mainstream media continuing to shoot itself in the foot  by ignoring voter fraud being committed by ACORN and highlighting polls that show MR. Government […]

Watching the ACORNs Fall From the Obama Tree

Tweet Watchers Council submissions are submitted in a week where the mainstream media had been dragged reluctantly into reporting the ACORN voter fraud scandal. Now the media can return to the same MO of reporting and running; a pattern that has been seen repeatedly as the media seeks to run away from scandals linked to […]

Winners Discuss Topics the Media Refuses to Cover

Tweet The preceding week was so eventful I decided to put the synopsis below the winning entries. Surmise it to say that the financial crisis, a media that continues to whitewash the associations of Barack Obama, a GOP candidate that continues to miss opportunity after opportunity to confront Barack Obama with questions of importance to […]

Submissions: Doing the Job the Media Refuses to Do

Tweet Last night political observers geared up for a townhall style presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. It was clear as the debate wore on that it would turn out to be horribly boring and uneventful, and it was. The issues of Barack Obama’s character still linger. Meanwhile John McCain announced his plan […]

Winners While The Media Spins After Failing to Sink Palin

Tweet The much maligned Sarah Palin showed up for last night’s VP debate with Senator Joe Biden and much to the chagrin of the mainstream media she didn’t fall flat on her face. After lowering expectations for Barack Obama’s debate with John McCain the media tried to convince Americans that a tie for their hero […]

Submissions Before a Debate Moderated By a Partisan Obama Supporter

Tweet Submissions this week come at a time when there is much turmoil in the financial markets and the media continues its attempts to undermine John McCain and Sarah Palin. An explanation on how far the media will go to undercut the Republicans is that PBS VP debate moderator is Gwenn Ifill is a Palin […]