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Year End Weasel Watching

Tweet The New Year is upon us and the Watcher’s Council members have submitted their last official articles chronicling the most weasely acts of 2008. Today is December 31st, New Years Eve, and it has proven to be historic in nature. This day in history has ushered in the following: 1864 – The above image […]

Be Careful What you Wish For

Tweet Both Council and Non-Council winners deal with the false optimism catered in by the idea of hope and change. The Razor’s winning entry discusses the history of the world wide symbol of peace. Rather than concentrate on the the idea of peace the Razor delves into the forces that used the symbol as a […]

Holiday Reading For All

Tweet It’s Christmas time in the Watcher’s house and I warn you, I write this post as an angry person. I vow however that I will not let the people that run this country spoil Christmas for me or my family. In fact they give me strength to fight more after this brief break that […]

The Short Sightedness of the Self Absorbed Multiculturalist

Tweet The votes are in and The Wathcer’s Council has spoken. I found it interesting that the two winning submissions may on the surface appear to be about two entirely unrelated topics. Yet when read back to back, Bookworm first, Fjordman second, it seems clear to me that the shortsightedness of multicultural elitists stems from […]

It’s a Mad Mad Weasely World

Tweet Hello council fans. Christmas is quickly approaching our wintery wonderland and I couldn’t help but wonder where all the global warming went. Especially considering that I spent hours digging out from a Midwest snow storm that crippled the region. Yes, despite the fact that 2008 will be the coldest year since 1997 global warming […]

So Many Weasels

Tweet This is a hard article to post. Not because of the winners but because the WoW selections tend to cluster around the week’s primary topics of discussion but are not spread out in the breadth of this week’s selections. The top winners cover two completely unrelated topics. The winning council submission comes to us […]

Looking for Senate Candidate Number 5

Tweet Illinois residents, including myself, got an early Christmas Present this year when Governor Rod Blagojevich was hauled out of his residence on corruption charges that are sadly unsurprising for politicians from a Chicago political machine that can not shake corruption no matter how many predecessors land in jail. This current corruption scandal reaches all […]

Winning Submissions: Fighting a Politically Correct War Against Terrorism

Tweet This week’s winning submissions are tallied and out the door. The two top winning council entries deal with Islamic terrorism. In a sort of ironic twist Right Truth’s first place submission deals with the topic of political correctness versus security concerns at a time when Muslim groups are speaking out against a Lego toy […]

Watching the Weasels

Tweet This week’s submissions come at a time of great unrest in the world. While those in the United States gave thanks others in the world suffered the terrible consequences of Islamic terrorism. While I have no doubt that many on the American left celebrate the departure of President Bush for what they consider as […]

The Watchers Council Announces Right Truth as It’s Newest Member

Tweet Please join me in welcoming Right Truth as the newest member to the Watcher’s Council. Debbie Hamilton rounds out the required 12 member council with her insights on politics, religion, history and the military. Please visit all our member blogs and send your friends our way as we continue to search for the best, […]