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The Weasely Agenda of the Progessive Ignoratti

Tweet This week’s winning entries are in and there is so much weasel related news to discuss. On the domestic side we see that the Huffington Post continues to dumb down their readers by presenting a comical and intellectually void critique of a Jewish Journal editorial that committed the cardinal sin of providing a retrospective […]

Train Wreck

Tweet When I started writing this post I at first thought of the phrase “damage control”. But that term implies two things: You are fixing something that is broken The damage has already been done Nobody in their right mind could argue that the damage hasn’t already been done on a myriad of fronts, from […]

Join Watcher of Weasels on Facebook!

Tweet If you have a Facebook account I recommend that you look us up and become a fan at the Watcher of Weasels fan page. I will try to give previews of the upcoming contests and use it as the main conduit of communication between our readers and The Watchers Council. Don’t be shy! Come […]

Battlestar Israel

Tweet This week’s contest was the most difficult one since I became The Watcher. The council members had wrapped themselves up in a 4 way tie until The Provacateur was moved to third place due to a technical deduction. This left three articles for consideration as exposing the week’s biggest weasels. In the end however […]

Inaugural Weasels

Tweet While this week’s submissions are not the first inaugural weasels to be sent to the Watcher’s Council for consideration we are in the midst of the first contest that will take place under President Barack Obama. (yeah I know, passive aggressive, but that’s how I feel today) No longer is he President elect, he’s […]

Explaining This Mess During a Brief Intermission in Propaganda

Tweet This week’s winning submissions both focus on the hostilities between Israel and the Gaza strip. Without coincidence this has been a prevailing topic of discussion at the Watcher’s Council and across the internet for a third week in a row Joshuah Pundit puts his take on the political motivations behind both sides and explains […]

Global Warming Exposes The Weasels

Tweet For the second day in a row I got up at 4:30 in the morning to plow the snow out of my driveway. Yesterday morning I had about 6 inches worth of heavy powder and it was a real bear. The temperature was 9° and a wind chill at minus 12°. Whoa, that’s cold! […]

Failing Our Children

Tweet I am a bit ahead of myself on tomorrow’s competition so I decided to take this moment to link up a couple of articles that might keep you occupied for today. In the failing our children slowly section comes this article about some California schools receiving “bathrooms in a box” as an emergency measure […]

Of War and Healing

Tweet This week’s winning submissions cover a broad spectrum of topics from the heath care industry and medical pay for doctors to the war between Israel and Hamas (and in some respects the rest of the Arab world with rockets entering Israel from both Lebanon and Gaza; rockets that were manufactured elsewhere and smuggled in). […]

Change, War and Corruption

Tweet Brief until I get a break. Please read and let me know what you think about today’s first of the year submissions. Council Submissions Joshuapundit – It’s Hard Out There For A ( Hamas) Pimp Rhymes With Right – On The Conflict Against Hamas Bookworm Room – Taking Reagan’s Name in Vain The Glittering […]