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Islamic Rage Boy Meets Political Correctness

Tweet I believe this is the first time that a video has won the weekly WoW contest. I post the video here so you can see first hand how ragers of the Islamic persuasion describe divorce while justifying acts of violence in the name of religion. Of course this is a parody but I am […]

Shorting Obama

Tweet Last night Barack Obama promised the world that he is the answer, the savior to all the ills that he inherited under the treacherous rule of George W. Bush. The mainstream media, as expected from a sycophantic bunch of moronic groupies, neck bobbed in orgasmic approval for the sake of acceptance by the other […]

Weekend Weasel – San Francisco Liberal Stephen Fowler

Tweet This looks like a perfect time to introduce an irregular segment on WoW called Weasel Watching. The way it works is quite simple, spot a weasel and we will spotlight that person (or group) on the WoW main page. I think I might even create a wall of shame. The first member nominated to […]

Obamamania – The Act of Inferring Greatness Out of Thin Air

Tweet This week’s winning council votes are in and the council has spoken with a unanimous approval, giving the nod to two articles that completely dismantle the myth of Obama the Great and supplanting that false idea with one more rooted in reality. While I haven’t found any official definition for the media’s love affair […]

The Chicago Tea Party

Tweet Every now and then we spot a guy in the media that exposes the weasels in government. How this video made it through the censors at NBC is unknown but it did and I wanted to share it with everyone. It is a sentiment that I am sure will spread as the gutless crooks […]

Crooks, Cheats and Liars

Tweet If you don’t know where I’m going with this article then you just woke up yesterday after living a life on the moon. I don’t even know where to begin. Now that our government has signed the biggest fraud into law the officials that some people elected into office have left the country on […]

The 60 Minutes Brain Loss Challenge

Tweet I have a confession to make. I used to watch 60 minutes when I was a young uninformed kid and on into my early college days (still very much uninformed). I had little choice. At home it was a favorite of the adults that watched over us. In college it was always on in […]

The Treason of the Senate

Tweet “Treason is a strong word, but not too strong to characterize the situation in which the Senate is the eager, resourceful, and indefatigable agent of interests as hostile to the American people as any invading army could be.” – 1906, David Graham Phillips, The Treason of the Senate It was a little over 100 […]

Weasel Winners – Norming Bias And Bigotry

Tweet This week’s  winners are up, and both of them  resonate to a similar chord…the idea that normal standards of fairness and decency need not apply in certain situations. In fact that seems to be a consistent theme for the week, with the Obama stimulus bill he wants shoved through congress before anyone takes a good […]

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Tweet How Tax Cheaters Exposed The Hypocrisy of Change A new week is upon us and who would have imagined that an ever expanding group of tax cheaters of Democrat ilk would expose our new President for the hypocrite that he so obviously is? Don’t answer that, we did. I have little time to dissect […]