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Weekend Weasel: Global Warming Earth Day Tie In

Tweet This week I came across a deserving recipient of the Weekend Weasel designation in an institutionalized form. Earth is the work of many organizations all that have encumbered themselves with saving the planet as follows: Earth Day Network was founded on the premise that all people, regardless of race, gender, income, or geography, […]

Benito Hussein Obama

Tweet The results are in and all are in agreement, the radical leftist that was elected in as our current President is exactly the sort of person we thought he was. Non-Council Winner and former Watcher’s Council Alum Big Lizards spells it out by putting Barrack Obama in the same category as Benito Amilcare Andrea […]

Corrupt Democrat Names Names, Exposes Weasels

Tweet Those of us in the Chicago area know all too well about government corruption. However there is probably no better insight than that given by scorned, angry and vindictive impeached former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. This morning he appeared on WLS AM as a sit in for morning hosts Don Wade and Roma, AND […]

Barack “Corleone” Obama and His Enforcers

Tweet UPDATE: My bad, I completely botched the writeup for today’s winners. If you look at the rundown of winners on the council side you will see that Joshua Pundit won the council’s favor in this week’s contest. That shows you how good all the articles are as I somehow conflated JP’s winning entry with […]

Weasel Alert! Is Chris Dodd Really Earl Sinclair?

Tweet Speaking of weasels, the resemblance is uncanny! This explains a lot!

AIG Outrage: The Obama Administration Should Look in The Mirror

Tweet Target of AIG Outrage Misplaced, Hypocritical It is hard to overstate the degree of hypocrisy, incompetence, ignorance and dishonesty on display by Congress, President Teleprompter and his administration as they attempt to rip the very heart out of capitalism. Nothing could stand as a bigger testament to this fact than the manufactured finger wagging […]

Weekday Weasel – President Obama Plans to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment

Tweet President Barack Obama, Mr. hope and change, is continuing to do the bidding of his far left supporters by proposing a change in the way U.S. Veterans are cared for after sustaining life altering injuries in battle. (h/t Joshua Pundit). As such, the Democrat’s great hope has earned the first ever Weekday Weasel nod. […]

Dispelling With Myths and Bad Policies

Tweet Wow, another week of actively seeking Weasels and we come up with two topics that are Worlds apart. Council winner The Provocateur delivered a financial white paper that walks us through the history of how we were thrown on the doorstep of this latest financial calamity and follows that explanation up with solutions that […]

Is Barack Obama The Ultimate Weasel?

Tweet It is official, I’m declaring for all the world to see that I want President Barack Obama to Fail. When my President becomes the ultimate weasel he should fail. I felt the same way about President George Bush at times, and I feel the same way now. Nobody should want any United States President […]

Weekend Weasel – When Democrats Get Power….

Congratulations to Jeff D. Eldridge, Democrat, Real Man of Genius, Weekend Weasel!!! He is what happens when the electorate doesn’t pay attention.