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The Watchers Council at Michelle Malkin: Debunking CNN’s Aww Shucks “Top 10 Obama Faux Pas” Roundup

Tweet Watcher’s Council member Omri Ceren (aka Mere Rhetoric) gets a big fat honorable mention by Michelle Malkin for debunking CNN’s “Top Ten Faux Pas” video by putting into perspective the many “Faux Pas” that the CNN cheerleaders missed while laying tribute to their new master’s first 100 days in office. CNN can’t count By […]

Tortured Meanings

Tweet I give Richard Cohen credit. Among the critics of coercive interrogation techniques, he is unusual. He’s not one of those who claims that harsh interrogation techniques are necessarily unreliable. He acknowledges that such techniques must not be used, even if they would save lives. In On higher ground but not safer, Cohen concludes: I […]

Weasel Alert: Arlen Specter to Give Dems Filibuster Proof Senate

Tweet From the “like I couldn’t see this one coming” department: Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter will switch his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and announced today that he will run in 2010 as a Democrat, according to a statement he released this morning. Specter’s decision would give Democrats a 60 seat filibuster proof majority […]

The Watchers Council at American Thinker: The Torture Controversy

Tweet I wanted to send out a quick note to inform our readers that Watcher’s Council member Rob Miller (aka. Joshua Pundit) has been published at American Thinker!! The subject of Rob’s article is the “torture memo” controversy of which the Soros crowd has been fanning the flames. Here is an excerpt: Amidst the […]

Weekend Weasel – Flu Emergency Not Important Enough to Interrupt Presidential Golf Outing

Tweet Please see Update Below: This week’s Weekend Weasel might turn out to be more appropriately named as Criminal Weasel. I’m serious. My focus for this week’s Weekend Weasel are Open Border Lawmakers that actively undercut and impede the enforcement of our porous borders. This very much includes the idiot brigade at the White House […]

Making It Up as They Go Along

Tweet Welcome back Weasel Watchers! The Watchers Council has done another fine job of sorting through the week’s news to bring you the authors, opinion makers, bloggers and newshounds that expertly inform the public about the weasels of the world. This week we have a fine group of winning entries. The first place non-council winner […]

18 Minutes of Video The Left Doesn’t Want You To See

Tweet Update Below: 1934 Political Cartoon warning about big spending dems! With the untimely death of Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann I thought it best to look back to the leading causes of the financial crisis. Please take 20 minutes of your day to watch these two important videos. (h/t Don Wade and Roma, WLS […]

Welcome Back Wolf Howling! Best Wishes Cheat-Seeking Missiles!

Tweet Watcher of Weasels and the Watchers Council welcomes Wolf Howling back to the fold after a long unforeseen hiatus. Veteran readers will be familiar with Wolf’s biting commentary. (click square for rim shot please, couldn’t help myself). On that same note we’d like to wish luck and weasel free good fortune to Laer Pearce […]

Weekend Weasel: Sharia Apologists

Tweet Good morning Weasel Watchers! Welcome to another Weekend Weasel post shedding light on the worlds biggest weasels! This week I invite you into a conversation that my wife had with a delusional liberal friend of the family; for anonymity lets call her “Muttonhead”. This week’s topic, Sharia Law. The Stance: Wife: The expansion of […]

Wizo the Clown Obama and His TV Magic Cards

Tweet The Watcher’s Council has once again taken on the Grand Weekly Search for articles that expose the week’s biggest weasels and they don’t disappoint! When I was a little kid a magician named Marshall Brodien played a clown on Bozo’s Magic Circus. When he wasn’t playing Wizo the Magic clown he was out promoting […]