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The Irrational President: Barack Obama

Tweet Hello Weasel Watchers. Welcome to vote result Friday!!! Our winning Non-Council recipient is brought to us from The Spectator U.K.. In the winning article by Melanie Phillips we are presented with the premise that Barack Obama is acting irrationally toward Israel by treating the Palestinians as though they are victims of Israeli aggression although […]

GOP Contributors Appear Targeted in Chrysler Closings

Tweet Democrat Contributors Appear To Have Been Spared in Targeted Closings of Dealerships I was considering submitting an article on this topic but it is literally too big of an issue to contribute to one specific author. This alert is in courtesy of Bloggers with an eye for news, you know the type, people doing […]

Less Common Sense Than An Amoeba

Tweet Another fine Friday has come upon us and we have another fine set of articles targeting the biggest weasels of the world. Non-Council winner Seraphic Secret provides an analysis of the current war against Israel and notes that there is little difference between modern day anti-Zionism and old fashioned Jew hared. There is no […]

A Prescription For Disaster

Tweet Wow, I thought that a statement by Nancy-Ann DeParle was clueless and horrific until I read the comments from the resident left on her definition of ‘Public’ Health Insurance. For those of you unaware, Nancy-Ann Deparle is Obama’s lead for the White House Office of Health Reform. The following is her definition: A public plan […]

Q: What Does A Two State Solution and A Blood Tax Have in Commom?

Tweet A: Neither can be obtained without creating an alternate reality that ignores the lessons of the past at the expense of the future! In 1905 philosopher George Santayana wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” One hundred and four years have passed since one of life’s most simplistic and […]

Regulator Watch: FDA Regulators Claim Cheerios Is a Drug

Tweet Today we have reached a new landmark in the Chavezification of the U.S. government as FDA regulators claim that General Mills cannot tout the healthy benefits of Cheerios unless they are classified as a drug. “Based on claims made on your product’s label, we have determined that your Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal […]

Predators, Prey and Pelosi: A Weasel Watching Perspective

Tweet Welcome back weasel hunters! Today we announce our winners from last week’s hunt in that vast wasteland known as the WeaselSphere. Our esteemed council members searched high and low for the best articles they could find that informed the world of weasels in their midst; what a great hunt it was! But first let’s […]

Spectre of a Man

Tweet IT’S TUESDAY, May 6th, 2009!!! All you weasel watchers know what that means, right? Yup, only 1280 days until the next Presidential Election! While we wait with baited breath for that next historic moment in American History we will have to settle for the more mundane sort of political theater; or perhaps not. Rounding […]

Weekend Weasel – Dumb and Dumber

Tweet This week’s weekend weasel is a no brainer; especially considering the mind numbingly ignorant claims being made by the recipients. First out of the gate is President Barack Obama with claims he made in a speech that Winston Churchill said “we don’t torture” at a time when London was being bombed by the Germans. […]

So Many Tortured Firsts – Waterboarding Our Way To Policy

Tweet I am relatively new to the Watcher’s Council but I believe we have reached at least one if not a couple of firsts on this particular vote result Friday. First we have two former Watcher’s Council members making a showing in the non-council selection of authors that have penned the week’s best articles. Second, […]