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Weekend Weasel: Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk (R-RHINO, S-Sellout, P-Phony,…)

Tweet A few months ago good friend and Webloggin contributor Megan Fox got into it with a rude staffer from Illinois Republican Mark Kirk’s office. Megan was all up in arms over legitimate concerns about Mr. Kirk’s voting record. She had called into his office to voice her complaint and was met by a staffer […]

Narcissists in Our Midst

Tweet Winning council member Wolf Howling asked the following question about Barack Obama after the President initially failed to dis invite the thuggish Iranian theocracy to attend our coveted 4th of July freedom celebrations. Is he seriously considering throwing the theocracy a life line over the bodies of the dead protesters so that the regime […]

When Presidents Tell Yarns: A Culture of Deceit

Tweet Consider the following as you contemplate the scene this week where the jovial White House press corps laughed away serious questions about Iran and the impending doomsday scenario with the Democrat health care plan. Mein Kampf contains the blueprint of later Nazi propaganda efforts. Assessing his audience, Hitler writes in chapter IV: “Propaganda must […]

From AmeriCrooks to Ballot Stuffing

Tweet This week’s winners in our weekly contest cover two very important topics with regard to freedom, liberty and the right to live without doing so from under the cloud of a corrupt government. Winning Council Member Wolf Howling discusses the situation in Iran within the context of three main influences : How a Democratic […]

Agitator and Agitprop in Chief

Tweet Today’s article is a very difficult one to write. As a rule I do not write about subjects that could inadvertently promote one of the weekly contest submissions over any other. This is my dilemma. So much is happening this week that I find my passion spread over every topic submitted. One thing is […]

From Cairo to Israel – Obama Making It Up As He Goes Along

Tweet This week’s winning entries look toward the Middle East with a particular emphasis on Israel and the White House policy moves that will result in a weaker ally for the lone Democratic nation over there. Ralph Peters used wit and satire in his NY Post article, What Obama Taught Me. Referring to Obama’s fact […]

The Benjamin Button Society

Tweet The 1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald short story of Benjamin Button is about a child that was born with the characteristics of an 80 year old man that physically ages backward in time until he regresses back to a child like state, suffers dementia and dies as a baby; full circle of life, only backward. […]

Remembering D-Day, 65 Years and Counting!

Tweet Sixty Five years ago today the allied armies invaded the cliffs of Normandy in an effort to fight back the German forces that had enslaved nations and rescue Europe from the shadow of tyranny. These men knew the stakes and fought for liberty without reservation, to the death if necessary. Their sacrifice secured our […]

Myths, Myths, and More Myths

Tweet I attended graduation ceremonies for two local high schools this week. It was a proud moment for everyone in attendance; especially when the moment was about the accomplishments of the young adults. Unfortunately that is not always the case. I was up in the very front of the line in order to get some […]

Six Months and Counting – You Voted For Them!

Tweet Liberals must be so proud (although I equally blame the Republican Party for inflicting the Obama administration on this country). Not even six months into taking over the Presidency and majorities in both houses of Congress and the libs have the following badges of honor to pin on their tee-shirts. Barack Obama is projected […]