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Cash for Clunkers Failure: How Long Until Obama Blames Bush?

Tweet I am waiting to see how long it takes for President Barack Obama to throw someone under the bus for the embarrassingly eye opening government boondoggle dubbed “Cash for Clunkers”. In this case I am sure there are so many idiots involved in this massive failure that he will have to revert to the […]

Good Fun: The Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune The News

Tweet I just saw this video by The Gregory Brothers and some things are just too good to pass up. Make sure you turn on the CC and turn off the Google ads. Hilarious. Enjoy:

Chavez Style Healthcare: Coming to a Hospital Near You

Tweet I have to thank a reader of Webloggin for reminding me just how delusional some people are when it comes to believing the crap put out by leftists and worse. About a year ago I wrote a small piece about Maxine Waters who had at the time threatened the CEO of Shell Oil with […]

Double Live ACORN

Tweet The Results from this week’s contest appear at the bottom of this post! In an unprecedented move I voted against my own submission that was in a two way tie for the crown of best non-council submission. This would have given me my first ever two week in a row victory but unlike our […]

We Can’t Give It Away for Free, That Would Be Socialism!

Tweet There are many things in life that deserve scorn but some more than others. Sure, I still can’t deal with feta cheese. Unsupervised children driving up and down the subdivision on motorized vehicles drives me crazy. Bar soap. Amateur fireworks. Health savings accounts (why not just make all medical expenses exempt instead of making […]

Jordan Strips Its Palestinians Of Citizenship

Tweet Here’s yet another example of the Arab’s ‘compassion for their Palestinian brothers’- the Jordanian government is stripping its Palestinian Arabs of their Jordanian citizenship: Jordanian authorities have started revoking the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians living in Jordan to avoid a situation in which they would be “resettled” permanently in the kingdom, Jordanian and […]

Walter Cronkite Shuffles Off The Stage

Tweet As most of you know, Walter Cronkite died late Friday after I put the site to bed. I planned to say a few things about this, but John Podhoretz beat me to it and likely did a far better job: Cronkite was a key figure in many ways, but foremost among them, perhaps, was […]

Liberal Cause and Effect – From the Classroom to the Newsroom

Tweet This week the Watcher’s Council has determined that Glittering Eye had the best overall entry in the bevy of excellent Council penned articles as G devoured the New York Times spin on Obamacare. On the non-council side it was a submission by yours truly in an entry I found over at the Christian Science […]

Mid-Week Weasel: House Democrats Insert Health Care Horrors Into New Bill

Tweet Making Your Option to Purchase Private Insurance Illegal Journalists didn’t get more than 16 pages into 1000+ page House Democrat  “Health Care for all Americans” bill before they discovered a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal. Congress: It didn’t take long to run into an “uh-oh” moment when reading the House’s “health care […]

Texting My Doctor

Tweet I ended up taking a trip to visit my doctor at the hospital where he practices after spending the last couple of days ill in bed. Generally I love to visit my doctor because he is great, intelligent and has relatives in the UK which gives him a unique perspective on the future of […]