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The Nation’s Richest Politicians Get Nearly Free Gold Plated Health Care

Tweet Update: Hmm, why didn’t anyone in Congress talk about the Congressional Office of Attending Physician (OAP) office until now? This was a well kept secret and now it is being flouted like a carrot to get all of us to buy into a government plan? They wanted to keep the office so secret that […]

Would the Left Defend Roman Polanski if He Were a Priest?

Tweet I read a great perspective on the mainstream media/Hollywierd infatuation with defending Roman Polanski: You know what all those Hollywood glitterati would have said if he were a priest? The man is accused of giving liquor and quaaludes to a 13 year old girl and then raping her. The Betsy’s page insight was inspired […]

New York Times Publishes Bi-Weekly Article from ‘The Onion’

Tweet What else could it be when the Time’s new ombudsman Clark Hoyt prints a laughable correction account story about having been scooped and downright embarrassed multiple times by conservative bloggers on some of the years biggest stories concerning scandal of the liberal Democrat (i.e. OBAMA) persuasion. (H/T Michelle Malkin) Be prepared, the ombudsman column […]

Your Obligatory Hannah Giles Half Naked Clad in a Bikini Post

Tweet Hi Lefty losers. Congrats on being this week’s weekend weasel. Hope your search for naked pictures of Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe is turning up sour grapes; more benefits of supporting that corrupt and now disgraced organization called ACORN. For those of you that aren’t aware, leftist supporters of the vote stealing group are […]

Winning With The Navy League, Dispelling Gaza Myths and Losing With Jimmy Carter

Tweet The week’s winners are in (as determined by our esteemed Watcher’s Council!) On the council side Bookworm won for her article reminding everyone of the benefits of joining The Navy League. And what is the Navy League?  Long-time readers know that it’s an organization formed to support the Navy and related military organizations.  Here, […]

We Watch Weasels, Obama and The American Left Sit Front and Center

Tweet Just when you thought Barack Obama couldn’t possibly become more of an anti-American radical leftist than we already knew he was he decided to go to the United Nations and trash American exceptionalism along with our ally Israel and President Bush while conjuring up Al Gorian fear mongering lies about the new catch phrase […]

Spot the Weasel Winners

Tweet This week’s Weasels have been spotted and the verdict is in. Democrat liberals who get more ignorant and stupid as time goes on have finally discovered what it’s like to have their own tactics thrown back in their faces. Guess what. They don’t like it.  (by this I mean becoming a vocal opposition as […]

Weasely Submissions for a Blockbuster Week of Weasel Mania

Tweet It’s Wednesday! This means we have another great set of articles as searched out and written by the Watcher’s Council exposing the week’s biggest weasels. In a week where ACORN was caught not once, not twice, but three times seeking to help a pimp cover up an illegal prostitution ring of underage prostitutes from […]

A Completely Bizarre Protest that’s Based on Love of Country *UPDATED*

Tweet I watched this short video that I found at Michelle Malkin’s site: As I watched this video, I had this very weird feeling that something was deeply, deeply wrong with this protest. It looks wrong. I’m a child of the Vietnam era, and I’ve managed to keep my eye on the news — and […]

Weasels Exposed! Winning Entries for the Week of Sep 9, 2009

Tweet No. I am not talking about the idiots in the mainstream media that just can’t bring themselves to report that billions of your tax dollars (stimulus money) is being funneled to an organization that is trying to help criminals cheat the IRS even when told that the criminal activity involves an international sex trafficking […]