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J Street Exposed and American Taxpayers Fund GE, AKA The New Air America

Tweet Another week has passed and the Watchers Council has decided upon the week’s best articles as determined by sifting through last week’s great list of submissions. On the winning council side Joshua Pundit helps expose the Soros funded, self proclaimed  “pro-Israel”, JStreet organization as the true surreptitious anti-Israel bunch of libtards that it is. […]

Larry David and HBO, Hollywood Cowards

Tweet By now most of you have heard about Hollywood ass wipe Larry David where he urinates on a picture of Jesus in a scene on David’s HBO series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. For those of you trying to figure out why Hollywood and the typical morons that speak loudly on it’s behalf attack Christians on […]

Battered Moonbat Syndrome

Tweet My wife was having a conversation with a helplessly delusional liberal friend of ours the other day. To my wife’s surprise the friend expressed exasperation that Barack Obama has become such a disappointment. When my wife said “what do you expect, he is a terrible President that is failing the nation on all fronts!”, […]

Obama Beats Dubbyah In Presidential Golf

Tweet The Politico reports that President Obama enjoys his golf and now has more rounds of golf played in office than President Bush did in two years and ten months. One thing the article doesn’t say is that President Bush quit playing golf after that time – or why “I don’t want some mom whose […]

I’m MAD, Mad I Tell Ya!!

Tweet Hi fans. Due to a server outage I have not had time to post the commentary that goes along with these winners. Please congratulate this weeks winners and I will come back to post commentary after I figure out what happened to the WoW server!@!#@&$## Winning Council Submissions First place with 1 2/3 points! […]

Fighting Tyranny with the Power of Knowledge

Tweet Welcome back weasel watchers! Typically I lead into into my posts with some sort of commentary on the weasel(s) that have offended me most at my time of writing. These posts are not preconceived or thought about much in advance, they just happen to be on my mind. Today however I want to urge […]

More Woes for the NY Times

Tweet I read the news that the New York Times is going to cut another unexpected 100 staffers from it’s “news room”. While sad that these organizations are continuing to bleed staff I find it curious that none of the solutions to the tanking of the newspaper included any sort of recognition that perhaps the […]

Reputation Matters – Obama and Israel: Betrayal in the Broken Places

Tweet What a great week at the Watcher of Weasels. The Watcher’s Council read every single article that was submitted and came up with two great winners. The winning council submission was penned by the Bookworm. BW took her family on a trip to the USS Hornet, a WWII Essex class aircraft carrier that is […]

A Visitor From Another Planet Wonders About Weasels

Tweet If I were a visitor from another planet I’d wonder how a nation filled with so many weak minded fools managed to achieve the greatness that grabbed my attention in the first place. Certainly I would never have expected that people that visited the moon would have so many flat earthers when it comes […]

This Week’s Winners! A Pregnant Government Criminalizes It’s Own People

Tweet This week’s contest is bittersweet. Winning Council member Soccer Dad is giving up his spot on the Watcher’s Council and leaves us with a fine piece of journalism detailing how the mainstream media filters just about every bit of news coming out of Israel in a manner that skews the first draft of history. […]