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Whispers That Expose Liberal Weirding

Tweet Winning council member Soccer Dad takes on the liberal weirding crowd that has enveloped themselves so much in the fake science of global warming that they have elevated junk science to the point that contradictory example are constantly being made to support their nefarious claims about global warming. In science there is a concept […]

When Will John McCain Stop Getting In The Way of Conservative Momentum?

Tweet Conventional wisdom says I am supposed to start this article by pointing out that John McCain is a war hero. Conventional wisdom sucks. There are some truths in the world and it is certainly a truth that a young John McCain was the hero we all knew him to be. But nowadays John McCain […]

Joannie Rochette – Celebrating Excellence

Tweet In the Olympics it is hard enough to compete knowing that the weight of you nation is on your shoulders. But for Joannie Rochette of Canada she bore an unimaginable burden. The six time Canadian national champion figure skater was preparing for the upcoming events with her mother by her side, as always. But […]

Life 2.0 – Turning Hindsight Into Foresight

Tweet Congratulations to winning council member Joshua Pundit. After surviving a heart attack last week JP penned a retrospective of what is important in life, to him, you, me and others. Having a heart attack has a funny way of making people look back on what is important in life. In the world of politics […]

Leaving Weasels No Place to Hide

Tweet Please enjoy this week’s submissions. They represent the finest examples as sought out and found by the Watcher’s Council and passed onto you as exhibit A in the quest to expose¬† weasels digging holes in your backyard. Many of the Weasels you are about to read about have been written about many times before […]

Imaginary Friends and The Trick of the Tail

Tweet The winning entries are in and the image and first line appearing in Winning Member American Digest’s entry pretty much says it all. In Barack Obama: Imaginary Friend of Democrats. Cause and Cure Venderleun wrote: Atheists, like songwriters, are always seeking lines more glib than true. Glib is golden because it obscures the fact […]

Wintery Weasels

Tweet Another Wednesday, another contest!! If you, like me are stuck in the aftermath of a pounding snowstorm and bitter cold then I have a prescription for you. Grab a hot tea, coffee or even something mind altering like hot buttered rum or perhaps a steeping hot lemonade with a touch of vodka to sooth […]

What Do Heinrich Himmler and Yahoo Have in Common?

Tweet The answer is easy. Apparently both have allied themselves with Palestinians that view Jews as the common enemy as exemplified by the two winning entries in this week’s Watcher of Weasels contest. Winning council member Mere Rhetoric takes on Yahoo by noting that someone at Yahoo went to the extraordinary measure of removing the […]

The Black and White of Being “Scott Brown”

Tweet Illinois proved last night that moronic notions and lazy attitudes prevail. Anemic turnout for the Illinois primaries prove that the state of Barack Obama and Oprah is quite possibly one of the biggest voids of intellectually motivated people in the nation. Worse, Illinoisans on the Republican side put Mark Kirk on the top of […]