In 2016 Red America Had No Voice Except the Ballot Box

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

By Scott Kirwin

Red America has no champions. As a New York Post editorial states, “Liberals dominate the national media (and most local media, too) — as well as Hollywood, Broadway and Silicon Valley. Red America has no choice but to listen to Blue America all the time. .. And, sorry, it’s Blue America that routinely screams “shut up” to voices it doesn’t want to hear. That’s the essence of political correctness…” The GOP establishment abandoned Red America after it neutered the Tea Party movement, standing aside as it the media branded it “racist” instead of co-opting the grassroots movement and embracing it as the Democrats did with their grassroots under Howard Dean’s DNC tenure during the Obama administration.

Then a liberal billionaire Republican from New York appeared who sensed the power behind the silence and tapped into it, beating 15 rivals to be nominated as the Republican candidate for the Presidency. Soon after the GOP convention Hillary Clinton stated, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables… The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

So to “name it”, here is what Hillary’s Blue America and its sympathizers in the GOP establishment think of Red America.

  • If you question the wisdom of opening our borders to everyone you are a racist.
  • If you fear losing your job to an illegal immigrant you are a bigot.
  • If you are troubled by seeing American jobs shipped abroad you are xenophobic.
  • If you worry about sexual predators hiding behind gender discrimination laws governing the use of public bathrooms you are transphobic.
  • If you are concerned about immigrants from the Middle East conducting terror attacks in the US of the type they have perpetrated in Europe you are an Islamophobe.
  • If you believe that all lives matter including the lives of cops you are a white supremacist.
  • If you believe that when seconds count the police are only minutes away and as a result you need a gun for self-defense you are a gun nut.
  • If you question the authority of the government anywhere but certain areas defined by the Left as being within the Pale such as foreign policy or police enforcement you are a right wing extremist.
  • If you think that gays have the right to find bakers willing to make them wedding cakes and that bakers have the right to refuse them you are homophobic.
  • If your religion is important to you and defines who you are and what you do you are ignorant.
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Libertarians and conservatives have laid claim to supporting Red America, but many of them come from the same ideological hothouses and salons as their detractors. How many of those who voted for Trump read the Drudge Report or Breitbart? I suspect that many Red Americans are too busy working on the job or at home to be reading and posting opinions on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t know. Maybe that’s my own elitism seeping through and the good old boys I saw at the voting booth two weeks ago were Hillary supporters or spend their free time trolling the Huffington Post.

So they made their voices heard the only way they could: they voted – and changed America.

Now the country is as divided as ever according to a recent Gallup poll, and it remains to be seen whether Blue America will quit its whining and demonization of Red America to help heal our nation. NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin writes about Red America in a piece worth reading in its entirety:

“They are everywhere. They are checkout clerks in supermarkets, they fix your car, deliver your packages and maybe watch your kids.  Some are doctors and many own small businesses. Too many are unemployed.
They are the soldiers who defend you, the farmers who produce your food and the cops you trust. When you call 911, the first responders are probably Trump voters.
They are essential to your lives, but you are ignorant about theirs. Except when you need them, you probably don’t notice them.
Actually, you don’t really hate them, either. What you hate is the caricature of them the Democratic Party and the national liberal media created, and that you swallowed, hook, line and sinker.  You fell for the oldest trick in the propaganda playbook. Obama, Clinton, Hollywood and their media handmaidens “otherized” tens of millions of hardworking, God-fearing Americans, and you said amen.
These hucksters turned anecdotes into universal truths. They found a racist or heard an anti-Muslim comment at a Trump rally and bingo, declared an entire movement bitter clingers, deplorables and irredeemables. You accepted the caricature because it fit the stereotypes reinforced in your closed circle. It has ever been thus for the smart set.”

Even liberal icon Jon Stewart sees the danger of liberal stereotypes of Red America. On CBS This Morning the former host of The Daily Show said, “In the liberal community, you hate this idea of creating people as a monolith,” he said. “‘Don’t look at Muslims as a monolith. They are individuals. It would be ignorance. But everybody who voted for Trump is a monolith, is racist.'”

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It remains to be seen whether liberals will listen to Stewart’s advice, and whether Trump will deliver on his promises to them. Regardless there will continue to be no social justice group advancing their rights, no Washington DC think tank dedicated to their cause, no voice except for the ballot box.

But as far as voices go, the Ballot Box is a loud one and their voice will resonate across the land for years to come.

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