Race Relations

Sorry, but our “Inclusive” “Tolerant” Leftist Utopia cannot include or tolerate people like you!

Looks as if the Cultural Stalinists were in Austin recently,erasing history and demonizing Southerners The University of Texas has quietly removed an inscription honoring the Confederacy and Southern pride from the South Mall nearly a year after UT President Gregory L. Fenves said that the inscription “will remain in place.” [Read More]


Heroism knows no age

Some things I post make me laugh, others, well, make me need Kleenex ASCOLI PIECENO, Italy –  In the chaos of Italy’s devastating earthquake, an older sister’s embrace allowed a four-year-old girl to survive. The heartbreaking story of Giulia Rinaldo, 9, and her 4-year-old sister Giorgia was recounted Saturday by [Read More]


That giant crash you heard was the transgender nonsense hitting bottom!

Yes, now we must ask animals how they identify before we refer to them by gender The study says that adults seem to want to characterize zoo animals according to “binary” gender terminology, forcing the camels and penguins and elephants of this world to conform to either “male” or “female,” [Read More]


And the destruction of our education system rolls on

Just another way to make our schools into re-education camps that will turn out good little Leftist non-thinkers! The coming dark age: The Baltimore school system this week revealed that it is ordering its teachers to ignore student behavior and not count homework in determining school grades. And what could [Read More]

Social Issues

Ah yes, the Wonders of Single Payer Health Care

I would remind you that this is the system Hillary and the Left would seek to implement when ObamaCare fails. These are the types of things Americans will have to endure. Just wait till the central planners really control our health care A Canadian couple of 62 years hoped to spend [Read More]


The Ethanol Scam Continues: I’m Shocked–Shocked!

By: Mike McDaniel.  A ritual I engage in weekly never fails to slightly raise my blood pressure: the warning on gas pumps informing me the gas I’m putting in my vehicle contains up to 10% Ethanol. Government mandates of any kind invoke my ire, as I noted in The Joys Of Ethanol  in [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

The childishness of the Left

So, Texas now allows those with licenses to carry firearms (LTCs) to carry on college campuses, and the reaction of the Cult of Gun Control is, well, pretty much what we might expect from children, angry, petulant children. Read the rest here


The Slyville Smith Case: It Doesn’t Matter, Part 2

The investigation into the death of Milwaukee social justice holy martyr Slyville Smith continues, but several new tidbits of information have been released:  Black Lives Matter protesters and other criminals who are rioting in Milwaukee should have waited until all the facts were in BEFORE destroying the city. If the marauding [Read More]


University of Chicago to perpetually offended whiners, Suck it up Buttercup

In a letter sent to the class of 2020, Dean of Students John (Jay) Ellison said one of the defining characteristics of the school was its unwavering commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression. Civility and mutual respect are vital to the campus culture, the letter states, but not at [Read More]

Donald Trump

Did Trump Flip Flop On Amnesty? Not Even Close, And Here’s The Proof

Much has been made about a supposed ‘flip flop ‘ on amnesty for illegal aliens by Donald Trump. This is sheer horse manure for the #nevertrumpers to wallow in, like they were actually going to vote for him anyway. Trump isn’t remotely selling ‘amnesty.’ Not even close. What Trump has [Read More]


Colombia: Government-FARC deal finalized

The Marxist narco-terrorrist guerrilla get seats in Congress, and much everything else it wanted: The accord calls for the state to work with the FARC to mitigate drug trafficking in areas where the guerrillas had influence; permits the rebel group to transform into a political party; establishes a system to [Read More]


NYC Pols Defend Nixing TLC English Proficiency and Written Exam for Prospective “Yellow Taxi Drivers”

If you have ever ridden in a New York City yellow cab, odds are that you’ve experienced a cultural and language barrier between yourself and a yellow cab driver, many of whom pretend not to know English until it’s time to collect the fare. If, like myself, you are an [Read More]


The Jewish Left Lies About Tikkun Olam

by Robert J. Avrech I pay particular attention to the use and abuse of language by the left. The left has always lied and twisted reality to conform to its utopian ideology. But Barack Obama and the leftist media have ushered in a new Orwellian age where their morally depraved [Read More]


Hillary Clinton: She’s Just Like Us!

By: Mike McDaniel.  Yes, Gentle Readers, Hillary Clinton is just like us. She feels our pain. She knows our troubles, and walks a mile in our moccasins. She has the common touch and, by her own lights, is a Horatio Alger, rags to riches story. Who could not fail to be [Read More]


On taking a stand — when it’s a good thing to the Left and when it’s a bad thing

Cliven Bundy and his cohorts took a stand against the federal government for its land grabbing behavior in Nevada.  (The federal government controls 81% of Nevada land.) Bundy was and is extremely hostile to the Bureau of Land Management, which he sees as antithetical to state and individual rights under [Read More]