Colombia: “Peace” deal 2.0 tomorrow

Colombia’s government says it will sign a new peace accord with Farc rebels on Thursday, after a previous deal was rejected in a referendum last month. The new revised agreement will be submitted to Congress for approval, rather than put to a popular vote. . . . The five main [Read More]

Donald Trump

The Insurgency

While I think that the characterization of the Trump campaign as a start-up is interesting, I don’t think it really explains what we’ve witnessed. Trump’s campaign is an insurgency. That was pointed out as early as February of this year by John Robb: Trump is trouncing the competition. He’s doing [Read More]


South Carolina: Doing It Right?

By: Mike McDaniel    One of the last bastions of anti-gun sentiment remains, for the most part, American schools. This should not be surprising. Many educators not only have no experience with firearms, their political leanings–all too often, progressive–predisposes them to have very odd ideas about the carrying of concealed handguns [Read More]


The Fifth Branch of Government?

The editors of the Washington Post concur with President-Elect Trump’s tentative decision not to continue the Justice Department investigations of Hillary Clinton: The nation ought to be relieved that President-elect Donald Trump has decided not to press his campaign pledge to criminally investigate rival Hillary Clinton for her handling of [Read More]


Divided We Fall

By Scott Kirwin “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand,” Mark 3:25 I’m in the process of deleting my Facebook account. What set me off is the realization that most of my friends were liberals and upset about Trump’s win. The disgust I felt towards them [Read More]


Police Advise Cast of Hamilton How to Be Safe

by Robert J. Avrech The latest leftist hysteria revolves around the elastic concept of safety. To be more precise: their safety. According to the Progressive Book of the Apocalypse, various racial and sexual identity groups are under withering attack by the Deplorables who voted for President-elect Donald Trump. Of course [Read More]

Donald Trump

Is Trump already having positive effect on gun rights?

Bob Owens explains how “gun-free zones” another horrible liberal failure, might be on the way out  Following Trump’s victory, the Pentagon has quickly issued a “clarification” regarding domestic military bases being “gun free zones,” that they’ve oddly been working on for almost all of Barack Obama’s presidency. U.S. military personnel [Read More]

Guns & 2nd Amendment

Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 5

By: Mike McDaniel    The first four articles in this continuing series are: Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 1 Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 2 Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 3 Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And [Read More]


What Could Possibly Explain It?

The Economist wonders what could possibly explain the surge of nationalist feeling, not just in the United States but in much of the developed world? It is troubling, then, how many countries are shifting from the universal, civic nationalism towards the blood-and-soil, ethnic sort. As positive patriotism warps into negative [Read More]

Just Plain Funny

A very good joke

On behalf of Bookworm, I’m reposting her account of an NRO Cruise she’s embarked on . Enjoy! November 21, 2016 The coach had put together the perfect team for the Chicago Bears. The only thing that was missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the colleges and even the [Read More]


Government corruption and minority rule

On behalf of Bookworm, I’m reposting her account of an NRO Cruise she’s embarked on . Enjoy! November 21, 2016 I’m leaving soon for the airport, but wanted to make two quick points about government corruption and minority rule before it becomes too difficult to write. Government corruption. It was [Read More]

Pop culture

That Hamilton Thing – The Racist And Intolerant Left On Display Again

The latest example of the ‘tolerant, inclusive’ Left’s intolerance and bigotry occurred at a performance of the Broadway show ‘Hamilton,’ which seeks to rewrite history from a far Left, über-progressive perspective. Tickets start at about $1,000 apiece, and this is New York City, so the audience is mainly wealthy Lefties [Read More]


Keith Ellison, The Perfect DNC Head!!

The Democrats have a new hero who’s heavily favored to take over running the Democratic National Committee (DNC) He’s none other than Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He’s a leading member of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, a black, a Muslim and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. I [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

National Review cruise — Hillary’s America, the military, and abortion

On behalf of Bookworm, I’m reposting her account of an NRO Cruise she’s embarked on . Enjoy!   November  18, 2016 That title is correct: I’ll give you a brief rundown of Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America, an abortion panel, and a military panel. Things happen quickly on a National Review [Read More]