It’s About Time

By: Mike McDaniel    Science fiction often uses time as a plot device. We live in linear time, one thing happens after another, one thing comes before another, sometimes causing what follows. My recent movie critique on Arrival, somewhat explores that issue. What if time were not linear? What if [Read More]

Left loves communism not Nazis

[VIDEO] Dennis Prager on the Left’s unending love for communism even as it reviles Nazism

For those caught in its toils, communism has been every bit as evil as Nazism, except with a greater scope. No wonder, given that they’re the same ideology. I have written thousands of words about the fact that communism and Nazism are siblings, in that they are both variations on [Read More]


Watch: Canadian Hockey Fans Sing U.S. National Anthem After Singer’s Mic Fails

The scene? The opening of the third game of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Anaheim Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers at Edmonton’s Rogers Place Sunday, packed with Canadian hockey fans there to root forthe Oilers in a hotly contested series. So after ‘Oh Canada,’ the Canadian anthem, up steps [Read More]


Progressives Implode, Cancel NYT Subscriptions over Conservative’s Column on Climate Change

Progressives and climate change fanatics hit the roof over a column in the New York Times written by newcomer Conservative, Bret Stephens. Stephens first article took on the uncertainty of the science behind climate change. Imagine the heads exploding which is exactly what happened over this particular sentence, “Claiming total [Read More]


If US Attacks North Korea The US Should Unify Korea

By Scott Kirwin As of today Kim JungUn is still in power. Awhile back I imagined a possible scenario where China removes Kim and installs a puppet regime beholden to Beijing but less threatening to its neighbors. I wrote, “China has the power to end the North Korean threat without [Read More]