Antifa Irony

By: Mike McDaniel    Have you ever noticed, gentle readers, whenever a protest occurs and the media thinks a conservative has been involved in violence, it’s wall-to-wall coverage? Have you also noticed that it usually turns out the perpetrator was a registered Democrat, and suddenly, the coverage stops? Even so, every [Read More]


Erasing our history is about Erasing America

Sam Houston you are next it seems Liberal fascists must be running out of Confederate generals to banish to the memory hole. Now they are going after heroes of the Texas Revolution, starting at the top: The Sam Houston statue has been at Hermann Park since 1925, but a group [Read More]


Trump kicks useless Paris climate agreement to curb, Liberals tears might flood earth

In short, the Paris Agreement was a Leftist redistribution scam that demanded billions of tax dollars from America, which is one of if not the cleanest nation on earth. At the same time the fiasco allowed nations like India and China, which are big time polluters to raise their carbon [Read More]


We Need Enough Global Warming to Melt these Damn Whiny Liberal Snowflakes

A mock beheading of our President, Donald J. Trump. Sexually crude and explicit Late Night TV “jokes” about Russian President Putin’s penis and Trump. Diminutive Jeopardy winner (who writes children’s books) attacks and bullies 11 year old Barron Trump. Students attacking professors because the professor failed to leave campus to [Read More]

Paris Accord Trump
Donald Trump

Well, No, We Won’t Always Have Paris — Thank Goodness!

President Trump lived up to his promise to walk from the Paris Climate Accord, and did so with a magnificent speech about economics and sovereignty — by Wolf Howling.  The Paris Accord was a terrible agreement.  It was designed to redistribute the wealth of the West — and particularly the [Read More]


Kathy Griffin: Head Games

By: Mike McDaniel    Deference: noun. Recognition of and appreciation for the position or authority of another. Respect: noun. Recognition of and appreciation for the character or qualities of another. Comedian Kathy Griffin’s recent miscalculation suggests the old maxim that there is no such thing as bad publicity—even bad publicity is good [Read More]


National Park Service is Spending $287,308 on ‘Climate Change Communication’ Interns? Why?

Why is the National Park Service under President Donald J. Trump spending $300,000 on a summer intern program to train college students in the arts of climate change propaganda and its so-called effects on parks? In partnership with George Mason University, the National Park Service Climate Communication Internship Program began [Read More]