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Transgender Obsession

By: Mike McDaniel    With few exceptions, none of which come to mind at the moment, everything Barack Obama and his Obamites did to the American military was destructive. It may therefore be understood that undoing any of those social justice initiatives is not only worthwhile, but necessary if our [Read More]

Gun equalizer civilizer
Guns & 2nd Amendment

A gun: Not just the great equalizer but also the great civilizer

A gun, by making people equal in a conflict, removes the bully’s inherent advantage in size and youth, and therefore encourages civilized discourse. Progressives like to castigate guns as the great evil. To the Progressive mind, those who hide behind the Second Amendment are the antithesis of everything that is [Read More]

Gay Lifestyle Gays in Military
Social Issues

The gay lifestyle is an unhealthy one. Does that affect military service?

A question that no one is asking, but someone should, is whether the peculiar excesses of the gay lifestyle affect the military’s readiness to serve. [Content warning: Of necessity, this post talks about sex, especially gay sex. Some of it is graphic, some not.] It seems, lately, as if the [Read More]


Police IQ Trends

By: Mike McDaniel   In September of 2014, I wrote an article titled Police IQ, which was a discussion about trends in police hiring, specifically, the trend toward hiring people for police jobs with only just enough intelligence, no more. Since then, that trend has, if anything, become more prevalent. The [Read More]

Race Relations

Justine Damond: Political Allegiance

By: Mike McDaniel   I’m only upset because I didn’t think of it. Several of these signs were posted, professionally, around the Twin Cities. I suspect they’ve been taken down already by embarrassed authorities, and will almost certainly be, ever after, valuable collector’s items. They’re clever, hilarious, and tragic, not only [Read More]

Race Relations

A Conversation About Race

By: Mike McDaniel    During my police years, I generally got along well with defense attorneys. While they were careful about making any admissions against the interests of their clients, the people I arrested, we would often laugh about their client’s exploits, and I’d kid them unmercifully about potential defenses [Read More]


Proposed legislation would open up records on federal pension recipients

Every taxpayer deserves access should he or she choose to the salaries and federal pension records of federal employees as well as retirees. Open the books! Colorado Watchdog by Michael Carroll A Florida congressman and an open-government organization have launched a campaign to make key information on federal pension recipients [Read More]

Race Relations

Justine Damond: Transformation

By: Mike McDaniel   As I’ve previously noted, establishing an accurate time frame is absolutely essential to any police involved shooting investigation. The Minneapolis local CBS affiliate, using all resources available to them, has assembled this time frame: 11:27 p.m. — Justine Damond calls 911 to report hearing sounds of distress [Read More]