IG Report on Hillary

The core flaw in the IG Report is its pretense that bias is meaningless

The IG Report ignores that the Clinton investigation was completely and irreparably compromised by agents whose biases went to the heart of the case. The IG Report is a strange beast. To begin with, it’s a rather ironic companion piece to Comey’s July 5, 2016 press conference. Back then, Comey [Read More]

Paul's letter to the Romans

A work-in-progress book on the Revolution proves Romans is applicable

The usual suspects went ballistic when AG Sessions cited Romans 13 to support Trump’s immigration policy; history shows that, as usual, they were wrong. [Wolf Howling wrote this post and it is his Work in Progress novel that the following chapters come from.] Jeff Sessions shocked the progressive left by [Read More]

Donald Trump

Happy Flag Day, America.

 Today is Flag Day and the U. S. Army’s 243rd birthday. Happy Flag Day, America. Happy 243rd Birthday to the @USArmy! Thank you for your bravery, sacrifices, and dedication to the U.S.A. We love you! pic.twitter.com/XlQYstu3Vo — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 14, 2018 Happy Birthday, 243 to the [Read More]

Donald Trump


Vassar Bushmills Ideologically, North Korea stopped being communist 30-40 years ago. Like Starbucks, they found one good gimmick, in this case, raw power, then hung themselves by their own petard trying to grow it. Certain laws apply about going from true-believing Marxist ideologues in 1945 to power and privilege-seeking pipsqueaks 60 [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills This is a theme with us at VeteransTales.0rg. When more veterans with skin in the game have checked in, this will be a running topic, and within two years, a working project on the ground. (Check our Mission statement for the longer game.) At the heart of this inquiry is hearing from veterans about [Read More]


U.S. unveils new de-facto ‘embassy’ in Taiwan

The Communist media complex, pundits, Progressives and NeverTrumpers spent the past 72 hours distracting the world and castigating President Donald J. Trump for standing up to and destroying the credit cards belonging to leaders of the global world order at this weekend’s G-7 Summit in Canada. The same new world [Read More]


Forum: Is Trump Improving Race Relations?

Every Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Is Trump Improving Race Relations? Doug Hagin: Frankly, race relations have been improving steadily. Of course President Obama [Read More]


Country Time Comes to Rescue of Kids’ Lemonade Stands Across USA

Okay, I get it. The title of this post sounds like an advertisement for Country Time Lemonade. Guilty, as charged. Why? Because a corporation is finally taking a stand against the regulation nation for their young customers and parents who children receive fines for selling lemonade on a hot summer [Read More]


Ted Cruz Touts Conservative Victories at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

The Daily Signal by Jeremiah Poff Lab rats, lawyers, conservative legislative victories, and Jimmy Kimmel were all part of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference Thursday in Washington, D.C. The Republican senator told the crowd at the annual Road to Majority conference many conservative [Read More]


ReasonTV: Expect Fully Legal Weed Within 5 Years, Says Former Top Pharma Lobbyist & Congressman Billy Tauzin

The nation is on it way to full legalization of marijuana.  President Trump has stated that he is comfortable to returning laws to the state. In spite of federal bureaucracy supportive of massive red tape, I expect that Trump who also tends to cross his t’s and dot his i’s [Read More]

Leftist poop obsession
Pop culture

The leftist obsession with poop just keeps rolling along

The European artists who created a poop exhibit in Holland aren’t American Progressives but they’re consistent with the Leftist love of all things fecal. It was a mere two days ago that I did a post entitled A new entry in my ongoing Progressive Party of Poop Series. Then, just [Read More]


James Wolfe, Former Security Dir. of Senate Intel Comm Indicted for Lying to Feds

The Communist media complex is up in arms this morning over the confiscation of journalist, Ali Watkins phone and email records  by federal investigators, incident of which is connected to Thursday’s arrest and sealed grand jury indictment of former long-time staffer of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, James A. Wolfe. Wolfe, the [Read More]