Fighting Big Education, Part II, the Framework

Vassar Bushmills So that backward glance to the 60s reveals that what we thought was just a blip in our history— Yankee imperialism, force-feeding Christianity on non-Christian cultures (trust me, I heard it all), and the best gag of all, our warmongering being forced on a culture of youth who only [Read More]

Just Plain Funny

Democrat Official Officiously Tries To Throw Her Weight Around On Two Tenafly, NJ Police Officers

Democrat Official Officiously Tries To Throw Her Weight Around On Two Tenafly, NJ Police Officers [Watch this ⬆️ second cop—expressions are priceless.] She served on Hillary Clinton’s national finance team and is a co-chairman of the Financial Committee for Ready for Hillary, a super PAC created to draft Clinton for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. ~~~~~` [Read More]


Google and Facebook – Trump Drops the Hammer on Big Tech, Says Google, Facebook are In “Very Antitrust Situation”

Google and Facebook “…almost 100% of the MSM is controlled by the deep state “colluding” (I love this word) with corporations in a fascistic manner. If you don’t know what I am talking about, both Google and Facebook are CIA/DARPA front companies, seeded with money and know-how from intel/military agencies. [Read More]

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The Problem of Anti-Semitic Leftist Jewish Power

The Problem of Anti-Semitic Leftist Jewish Power Article By Daniel Greenfield Anti-Israel activist Peter Beinart had spent years arguing that Hamas was a potentially moderate organization. Then when he was questioned at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, he played victim. But as Caroline Glick notes, there was every reason for Israeli [Read More]


Neil Armstrong Movie Starring Canadian Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Feature American Flag

A new [liberal lying] movie starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling tells [parts] of the story of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon–but omits the American flag.   ________________ The Telegraph reports that the flag is not shown in the new movie First Man, with star Ryan Gosling saying that the American [Read More]


CNN’s Pushes Lie that Antifa is a Black Organization.

Antifa? A Black organization?  Says who? No one ever, nor is Antifa perceived to be. CNN is fake news did it again.  On Tuesday night during CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the CNN panel engaged in the usual fear mongering and anti-Trump propaganda.  Propagandist, Jeffrey Toobin  managed to [Read More]


CSU’s War on “Patriarchy” – forms “Feminist Fight Club”

Colorado State University’s formation of a feminist fight club as with everything else spearheaded by those diseased with Trump Derangement Syndrome is about disrupting the order of things. Misandry: defined as the intense “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e. the male sex).” Source: Oxford Dictionary. War [Read More]

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Why medically caused deaths continue to be ignored

Why medically caused deaths continue to be ignored Aug 29  Article Written by Jon Rappoport ___________________ Medically caused deaths….   More than any other reporter, I have continued to champion and spread the word about Dr. Barbara Starfield’s revelation: The US medical system kills 106,000 people a year with its medicines. Extrapolate [Read More]

Daniel Greenfield, - and JAF IMAGES

In The Capital Of British Pakistan

In the capital of British Pakistan EXCERPT: “…There are no shortage of hateful attacks coming out of Birmingham. But they’re coming from inside the mosques, not from outside. And yet the media and the authorities have already found it more urgent that windows were broken in a mosque than that [Read More]


MINIMAL COVERAGE IN NEW MEXICO TERRORIST COMPOUND – AP: Investigators recovered ‘Phases of a Terrorist Attack’ document from NEW MEXICO Compound

[New Mexico Terrorist Compound – I wonder if they would report this at all, had I not sent them the story from another source? JAF] SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – Prosecutors seeking to keep five [MUSLIM] men and women jailed on child-abuse charges in northern New Mexico [TERRORIST COMPOUND] now [Read More]

Donald Trump


Vassar Bushmills There have always been two theories about Robert Mueller, actually three, which I laid out in a piece a little over a year ago. I still hold that how he sees himself in History may be outcome determinative. (I listed “History” at #8 in that list. ) Using the laws [Read More]


John McCain 1936-2018

John McCain, Senator from Arizona has passed away. I could say many things about the late Senator and his actual record,  and they might be conceived as  both true and quite unpleasant.  But he is now facing a far more compassionate and true Judge, one who will do a far [Read More]

True Pundit, WJ, Investigative Bureau

Marilou Danley: Feds Scramble after Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Lists FBI as Place of Employment on Loan Application; ‘She Might have Been an Asset’

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock, worked for the FBI, according to credit application data the Australian national reported as part of a loan application. Posted in TRUEPUNDIT.Com, on August 24, 2018 by Investigative Bureau That’s the same Danley whose fingerprints were found on Paddock’s [Read More]

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Media Bias

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Over The Last 30 Days Is More Than 50% Above Normal

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Over The Last 30 Days Is More Than 50% Above Normal “…This is yet another story that the mainstream news is “too busy” to talk about….” Global Earthquakes Article Written By Michael Snyder, IWB Why is the number of [global] earthquakes happening around the world [Read More]

Robert Spencer, the Comnservative JihadWatch.Org

Leftist Fascism: Robert Spencer banned from two platforms

LEFTIST FASCISM Leftist fascism is coming down fast. I’ve now been banned from Patreon and GoFundMe. MasterCard and Visa have stopped processing donations for the David Horowitz Freedom Center. ARTICLE BY ROBERT SPENCER Why? Because David Horowitz and I are defamed as “hate group leaders” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which is now [Read More]

Jews and Socialism

Trump, Socialism, and the Jews

Winston Churchill called Jews “the most formidable and the most remarkable race, which has ever appeared in the world.”  As a Jew, I am perplexed by the Jews’ remarkably irrational commitment to the Democratic Party and their formidable opposition to Donald Trump. Written By Alexander G. Markovsky – This Article First [Read More]