Prohibition Government

Prohibition and the Great Society show that the government should not legislate vast social trends

Because the government is a lagging, not a leading, indicator, its giant pieces of legislation almost always lead to perpetual bureaucracy and corruption. I was talking yesterday with a friend — a lifelong conservative — who said, “You know, if I’d been alive in the 1960s, I probably would have [Read More]

Rape accusations famous men
Pop culture

My problem with rape accusations against famous men

The Kobe Bryant tragedy is a reminder that rape accusations against famous men would never happen if both men and women were more careful. Immediately following the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and eight others, including three young girls, a Washington Post reporter earned her two minutes of hate by [Read More]

March for Life

Bookworm Beat 1/24/20 — busy week illustrated edition (2nd Amendment, March For Life, & impeachment)

What a busy week: a Second Amendment rally in Richmond, a huge March for Life in D.C., and the impeachment farce, plus Dem candidates, stupid leftists, etc. We’ll start just as the week started, with uplifting, patriotic, and often very clever images from the Second Amendment rally in Richmond: And [Read More]


Manchester rape gangs, the Church of England, and marriage

It matters that the Church of England came out in favor of heterosexual marriage, for marriage is a bulwark protecting girls from Islamic sex trafficking. A few days ago, news broke that Manchester had joined the list of British cities in which gangs of Muslim men (mostly from Pakistan) systematically [Read More]

New York Times, Warren, Klobuchar

What the double endorsement at the New York Times tells us

Faced with a field of highly defective Democrat candidates, the New York Times hides behind identity politics to endorse two seriously flawed women. Yesterday, the New York Times came in for a good deal of both criticism and laughter when it endorsed not one but two candidates: Elizabeth Warren and [Read More]


Missouri governor Eric Greitens was a training ground for attacking Trump

Can former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens recover his reputation from a Soros-backed political attack that was a warm-up for going after Trump? I remember when Eric Greitens first appeared on the Missouri political scene. I liked him. He was competent, as shown by his being a Navy SEAL; he was [Read More]

Democrats Block Vote on Measure to Support Iranian Protesters

Democrats Block Vote on Measure to Support Iranian Protesters Democrats Block Vote on Measure to Support Iranian Protesters Cortney O’BrienRepublicans are shocked and outraged after their Democratic colleagues voted to block House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s resolution to condemn the Iranian government and support the Iranian protesters who are boldly demonstrating [Read More]


“Q” – WHO? WHAT? WHY? – An Introduction To “Q”

THIS ARTICLE BY THE GREAT “DEBORAH FRANKLIN” APPEARED FIRST IN: AMERICANTHINKER.COM By Deborah Franklin EXCERPT: Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Now comes the pain.  The headlines on any given day may sound discouraging for those who want justice to prevail. But these setbacks are temporary, as a juggernaut of justice heads our [Read More]

On Being Human But Not Enslaved

OPINION: BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG <——————–> Conservatives want what’s destined for all Humankind. Conservatives are NOT “racists,” white-supremacists, or selfish, or greedy, or NAZIs, or negative in principle. …it seems clear that [Rhea] Boyd believes that the big government policies adopted by the Democrat party benefit the entire population, whereas policies enacted [Read More]


The Problem With Liberals Is Not Liberals

BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG IMPOLITE BUT BRIEF THE PROBLEM WITH LIBERALS IS NOT LIBERALS OPNION, BY JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG <—————–> THE PROBLEM WITH LIBERALS is Not Liberals. They are part of the gene pool, and “meant” to be there. There are elements of Liberalism At Its Best, that do seem to [Read More]

Media Bias

Bookworm Beat 1/12/20 — the “I don’t have answers, I only have questions edition”

Reading through the news, I see that most of the news is so crazy, it doesn’t inform me; it just leaves me with questions that I’ll now share with you. I’ve mentioned before a game I play with a friend. He reads me headlines and asks me to guess whether [Read More]

Media Bias

The transgender movement shows that our media, not our government, is Orwellian

There is a grave danger that, if our media gets us to believe the big lie behind the transgender movement, it can get us to believe anything. Nazi theory indeed specifically denies that such a thing as “the truth” exists. … The implied objective of this line of thought is a [Read More]

Iran So Much Winning
Donald Trump

Further thoughts about the situation in Iran

I continue to believe that Trump did the right thing vis-a-vis Iran by killing Soleimani, the terrorist, and these are a few random thoughts to explain why. At a base, reflexive level, I’ve gotten to the point at which anything the Democrats are against, I’m for. If they think we [Read More]