ARTICLE EXCERPT: BY ROBERT SPENCER, IN AMERICANTHINKER.COM …Then there is General Ulysses Grant, whose statue in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has already been toppled. Grant not only fought against and destroyed the slave power and enacted civil rights laws. From the very beginning of his presidency, he demonstrated [Read More]

When American universities taught common sense

When American universities taught common sense By Robert Curry ~ _________________________________________~ AMERICANTHINKER.COM, Article EXCERPT: …We have heard the words “We hold these Truths to be self-evident …” all our lives.  To approach the Founders’ understanding of self-evident truth is to approach the heart of the American founding.  Jefferson and the other Founders [Read More]

This is the future....

Judge Gives Teen “Anger Management” After He Murdered a 59-Year Old White Man at the County Fair

Judge Gives Teen “Anger Management” After He Murdered a 59-Year Old White Man at the County Fair August 17, 2020 (15h ago) TwitterTelegramFacebookEmail An upstanding group of teens on a civilized jaunt to the local county fair. Here’s a story you won’t see in the race-obsessed national media. Two black [Read More]


“Mostly peaceful” Antifa and BLM protesters almost beat a man to death

  August 18, 2020 “Mostly peaceful” Antifa and BLM protesters almost beat a man to death By Andrea Widburg Something awful happened in Portland. The “mostly peaceful” protesters who we were assured would leave the moment Trump pulled federal law enforcement officers from the federal courthouse, tried to beat a [Read More]


You Can Write Anything on the Street, as Long as it’s ‘Black Lives Matter’

You Can Write Anything on the Street, as Long as it’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Daniel Greenfield The activists were charged with defacing public or private property for using chalk, that is easily removable, in a city whose mayor had made a point of painting Black Lives Matter on the street [Read More]

“….A Look At AntiFa’s Field Organization.”

“….A Look At AntiFa’s Field Organization.” Article Appeared In AmericanPartisan.Org NC Scout Jun 4, 2020 Solid S2 coming from one of our readers. They’re better organized than they’re given credit for and the real commissars have a lot of training. Read the original here. -NCS Structure, insignia and other identifiers. [Read More]


Thoughts about the Wuhan virus, the government’s role in it all, and the Biden-Harris ticket (including debates and conservative panderers). Paging Dr. Kevorkian. When it comes to the Wuhan virus, liberty, and economic well-being, blue state and blue city voters elected the political equivalent of an army of Dr. Kevorkians. [Read More]

Victoria and Albert Happy Wife Happy Life
Life Happens

VIDEO: Happy wife, happy life

You don’t need to speak German to figure out what this fun music video is saying, and it’s really about emotional generosity. I like this concept: Happy wife, happy life. Social science (for whatever that’s worth) supports it: When a woman is happily married, her husband’s overall life satisfaction gets [Read More]

Why There Can’t Be Any “Second American Revolution.” Not From The Right.

UPDATED 8/14: An Article By Jeffrey A, Friedberg ~  ________________________________  ~ I’ll be brief. I don’t have much to say. Also, I’ve said it before. You can look it up, in the SEARCH box. .       “HEY! We own everything. Including YOU.“ . ENOUGH, AWREADY! . Portland Rioters [Read More]

Antifa violence
Media Bias

The WaPo romanticizes violent Antifa anarchists

Looking at the WaPo’s gauzy view of Portland’s Antifa anarchists helps clarify that the American media are truly America’s enemies. Andy Ngo posted this tweet: As Portland experiences more than 70 days of violent protests, riots, arson attacks, soaring homicides & shootings, @washingtonpost actually published a glowing photo essay on [Read More]

Wuhan virus silver linings

Wuhan virus — there are silver linings to this cloud

There are silver linings to Wuhan virus madness. The past seven months have brought a great deal of useful clarity that we should celebrate. The other day, I wrote about the fact that Trump’s candidacy promises a return to normalcy. Under the slogan Make America Normal Again, we could have [Read More]



NOTE from JAF, ed’: I have zero knowledge of even ONE Liberal—from acquaintances, to ex-wives—who will ever change their mind, no matter what you tell them; no matter what you show them; no matter what you give them to read. Obama: good. Biden: good. Communism: good. BLM: good. ANTIFA: good. [Read More]

Donald Trump

Trump 2020: Make America Normal Again

For four years, the left has up-ended everything that was once considered normal. An overwhelming Trump (and Republican) victory can bring normal back. Over the past few days, when reading articles, conversing with friends, listening to podcasts, or just contemplating life, one word rings in my brain like a tocsin: [Read More]


I Know How Such People Have Such Power.

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg ~ ———————————————— ~ I Know How Such People Have Such Power. ~ ———————————————— ~ …Power, and where it comes from, in order to serve “the needs of the state.” But first, a commercial Grab from YouTube: Hey everybody, stop lookin’ around. I’m in the woods [Read More]

Religious War

America is engaged in a religious war

Although it’s presented as a political battle, what we see in America has all the earmarks of a doctrinal struggle between God and His opposite. We should have realized a long time ago that the battle raging across America, in its streets and its cultural institutions, is a Holy War. [Read More]