Keith Ellison, The Perfect DNC Head!!

The Democrats have a new hero who’s heavily favored to take over running the Democratic National Committee (DNC) He’s none other than Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He’s a leading member of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, a black, a Muslim and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. I support him totally and hope he gets the job.

His background alone makes him a natural, and I’m glad to see that prominent Democrats like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer are supporting his candidacy.

And his background? Simply perfect for the job he wants as the new voice for the entire Democrat party. Let’s look at it, shall we?

Keith Ellison was born in 1963 in Detroit and raised Roman Catholic.At age 19, while attending Wayne State University, he converted to Islam. When the Nation of Islam split into the American Society of Muslims (a group modeled on classic Sunni Islam led by Elijah Muhammad’s son Warith Deen Muhammad) and the breakaway reestablished Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan, Ellison went with Farrakhan’s group.

Ellison later attended the University of Minnesota Law School where in his third year, 1989-90, Ellison wrote two columns for the Minnesota Daily under the alias “Keith Hakim.” One column lauded “Minister Louis Farrakhan,” one of America’s premier racists and Jew haters as well as defending the views of a well known Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Abdul Muhammad, famous for a vicious speech he made to a Kean College, New Jersey audience that referred to Jews as people whose ancestors were cannibals who “crawled around on all fours in the caves and hills of Europe” and “slept in [their] urination and [their] defecation … for 2,000 years.” He characterized contemporary Jews as “slumlords in the black community” who were busy “sucking our [blacks’] blood on a daily and consistent basis.” He said that Jews had provoked Adolf Hitler when they “went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped.”

Muhammed, who later went on to form the New Black Panther Party was also a good friend of another Democrat icon, the Rev Al Sharpton. Sharpton was at Muhammed’s bedside when he died in 2001 and paid for Muhammad’s $10,000 funeral.

In his second column, Keith ‘Hakim’ Ellison demanded reparations for black Americans and an all-black, geographically self-contained “homeland.” Two things to keep in mind – Ellison was not some punk kid when he wrote this stuff but a mature young man of 27, and second, as we’ll see, the timeline and his writing doesn’t jibe with his later claim of being involved with the Nation of Islam for only 18 months and being unaware of the racial bigotry and anti-semitism.

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