December 8, 2016

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Black Lives Matter: The Communist Connection

December 7, 2016 0

By: Mike McDaniel    Anyone that ever had any ambivalence about seeing the BLM “movement” as anti-American, racist anarchists need be ambivalent no longer, as Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media reports:  Two days after Cuban dictator Fidel Castro bit the dust, Black Lives Matter memorialized him, and the reasons for it [Read More]


California Secession: A Thought Experiment – Pt 1: Redrawing Boundaries

December 7, 2016 2

By Scott Kirwin Since the Nov 8 election, disgruntled California Democrats have been kicking around the idea of California seceding from the United States. For a variety of reasons this is not happening, most especially because of the moldering bones in Civil War cemeteries throughout the Eastern USA. But let’s imagine if [Read More]

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