A Coup d’etat In The United States of America

We are witnessing the first coup d’état in the history of the United States. The will of the American voters is being completely overthrown not by generals on TV or soldiers in the streets but by unelected bureaucrats and administration officials behind closed doors. Although there are no tanks rumbling through America’s streets, don’t kid yourself: the outcome is the same. We are no longer a nation whose future is decided by the voter: we are a banana republic controlled by an elite where elections – and the parties that participate in them – no longer matter.

David Graham in The Atlantic piece We’re Watching An Antidemocratic Coup Unfold writes (about the people sabotaging Trump’s agenda) “Not only are these acts of sabotage legally perilous; the leaks about them are self-serving. Woodward does not reveal his sources, either in general or in specific instances, but a read of the book strongly suggests that Porter and Cohn are among those who spoke to him. By spreading word that they stood up to the president behind closed doors, these figures hope to burnish their reputations and distance themselves from the stain the Trump presidency leaves on nearly everyone it touches. In doing so, they’ve fingered themselves in another questionable pursuit. If the price of defending democracy and rule of law is to destroy both, the price is too high.” As Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept points out, Trump voters didn’t vote for the “unelected cabal that covertly imposes their own ideology with zero democratic accountability, mandate or transparency.”

The Atlantic is not a right-wing magazine and Greenwald is a committed Leftist. But some liberals recognize the danger to our Republic by those undermining the president. We have a constitutional mechanism in place to remove the president – the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment gives the Vice President and the coup plotters the means of deposing Trump. Although it would risk a constitutional crisis since Trump would likely not leave willingly, the plotters would likely be supported by many on the Left including high ranking Democrats who have already called Trump unhinged. At the very least our country would have the discussion.

If Trump is nuts then deploy it. But if he’s not crazy and the “resistance” is just against his agenda, then we have a huuuge problem.

Given what we are seeing in recent days with the Woodward book and the New York Times anonymous op-ed, there is likely some semblance of the “soft coup” attempt coalescing around Pence. Pence probably understands that the only way he will ever achieve the Presidency is through something befalling Trump. He will not be elected to that office on his own. So I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Pence would like to be rid of Trump since the Republican elite does.

It would be a fatal mistake though. The grassroots GOP voters haven’t forgotten how the elite neutered the Tea Party politicians elected in 2010 and how it conspired with the Democrats to turn the label into an epithet. Trump’s removal would be seen by Republican voters for what it is: a big f*** you by the elite as it works with the Democrats to flood America with undocumented workers to drive down wages, and allow China unfettered access to our markets, siphoning away jobs. Why would the average Trump voter vote for a Republican if there was no difference from the Democrats? They wouldn’t.

What we have here is the will of the American people being thwarted “for their own good” some would say, but thwarted in an unconstitutional and underhanded manner. Americans no longer governed by themselves. Elections no longer have consequences.

Today we are less free than we were yesterday.