A Visitor From Another Planet Wonders About Weasels

If I were a visitor from another planet I’d wonder how a nation filled with so many weak minded fools managed to achieve the greatness that grabbed my attention in the first place. Certainly I would never have expected that people that visited the moon would have so many flat earthers when it comes to believing the lie called anthropomorphic climate change. These same fools that attack the concept of God on a daily basis have accepted the laughable premise that the CO2 we expel as part of our respiratory process, the same CO2 that plants need to grow and thrive, is a pollutant.

Yet these earthy beings willingly give up their freedoms based on the empty promises and downright lies by men and women that have gamed them in the quest for their own selfish power. I would think, this is not an advanced species. It is a capable species that suffers under the weight of their own social order. One that is willing to forgo individualism and accept a collective alternative. Weak. Needy.

The worst part of this observation would be that it is all by design. I would have looked back in their historical archives and seen that there was a gradual erosion over time. I would have found that the people elected to lead used that power to enslave. I would have recognized that the bureaucracy created to protect was growing like an uncontrollable cancer, much like a leukemia, attacking its own and laying waste to the magnificence that lead to its design until the original designs of this nation’s forefathers were hanging loosely by a tattered thread. A lifeline in peril.

Perhaps if I stayed long enough I would see that some had decided to fight back and oppose the cancer of unchecked power. I would see the Watcher’s help expose the rot, inoculating as many as possible in an effort to heal a nation in the quest to regain its lost identity. Perhaps that is exactly what we are doing.

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