Ah, Earth Day…the Irony!

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Monday April 22nd. was Earth Day. A day dedicated to saving the planet through energy conservation and…recycling!

STOCKTON — A thick, billowy plume of black smoke visible for miles scarred an otherwise pristine blue sky over the Port of Stockton on Monday afternoon, caused by a stubborn, wind-blown fire at… a recycling center. …The blaze was fueled mostly by pallets of paper, plastics and other recyclables.

Forget your carbon offsets! Ain’t no thicker, blacker smoke than a good plastic fire. Burning tires (pictured) come close, if you have enough of them, but the irony of filling a pristine blue sky with thick black smoke from recyclables on Earth Day was just too precious not to take note of! And, lest we forget, April 22nd. is also Vladimir Lenin’s birthday!

Happy Earth Day from Stockton, California! Happy belated birthday, Vlad!

Mike A.K.A. Proof writes at Proof Positive

Photo by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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