Alinsky Actors: Playing the Part of a Phony Doctor at a Town Hall Meeting Near You!

A little short on time this morning. I wanted to notify everyone about the continuing lying methods of leftists in support of Obama Care. Knowing that they can’t win the debate when presented with facts they have resorted to techniques that can only be best described as LYING.

For instance, the Newton MA. doctor that showed up at Barney Fwanks Townhall meeting last night is not actually a real doctor.

Here’s the AP description:

Dr. Sheila Leavitt, a physician from Newton, said she hoped for changes that would support primary care physicians who aren’t paid as much as specialists.

And here’s the facts as found by bloggers doing the job the national press corp stopped doing long ago (via Michelle Malkin):

Kate at Small Dead Animals does the Googling the rest of the MSM won’t do and finds Leavitt’s trail of nutty, anti-Bush, anti-war activism.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit and Steven at Buck’s Right have more.

At Buck’s Right, a commenter who says he is Leavitt’s 16-year-old son says his mom did go to medical school — but “stopped actively practicing medicine 26 some odd years ago.”

“Odd” is certainly the right word. Check out her car (via SDA):

Of course asking why they have to lie to get their point across is too much for a media that prefers to play along as opposed to researching the facts. Not surprised.

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