And then they came for……

Ah yes, as predicted by anyone with the most basic grasp of Leftism, which destroys everything it touches, the same Cultural Stalinists who have been erasing Southern heritage and symbols, are increasingly turning their attention to the Founders.

Best-selling historian David Barton is blasting a proposal by the head of the San Francisco Board of Education which would ban schools from being named after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers and American leaders who owned slaves. 

Barton, author of “The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson,” called it a “misguided effort based on bad history.” Barton pointed out African-American leaders of the past often praised both Presidents Washington and Jefferson, who both recognized human slavery was an evil needing to be dealt with, as champions of the beginning civil rights for blacks.

“It is striking when you look at the people who looked to Washington and Jefferson as inspirations. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King praised Jefferson, as did Frederick Douglass, Henry Highland Garnett, Benjamin Banneker and many other African Americans who were the premier civil rights leaders in their generation. The difference between today’s generation and previous ones is that Americans today by and large no longer know American history based on historical fact. Instead, they are simply taught a version of it based on progressive political agendas.”

For Leftism to truly succeed in its goals of reaching a global “Utopia” then America must be destroyed, and one thing that must happen to destroy a nation is to destroy its history and heritage. This effort to erase our history is just a part of Leftists ultimate goal. That goal is nothing less than the complete destruction of American principles, borders, education, culture, values, religious liberties, right to self-defense, and right of free speech and everything that has made our nation of beacon of individual liberty.

An honest examination of every position the Left holds and struggles for will show that at the heart of the movement is one burning desire, and end to America. There is not one area of American principles that is not under assault, not one. It is not “progress” the Left desires. It is not “power to the people”. It is not “justice”. It is not even the “equality” the Left speaks of constantly. The only equality the Left seeks is to make us all equal in subservience to an all-powerful State. What is it the Left wants? Simply put, control, control of everything!