Another Win – Trump and India PM Modi Speak At The White House

President Donald Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi met at the White House for two days and the good chemistry between the two men is obvious.

The two leaders spoke about how theyhave forged important agreements on trade, commerce and mutual national security.While congress still has to approve it, the president is lobbying for India to be able to buy 22 Guardian MQ-9B unmanned aircraft for maritime surveillance

The AP story accompanying this video has one huge outright lie in it, which is unfortunately typical. It says, ” He (Modi)forged a strong relationship with President Barack Obama.”

Actually, the relationship between the U.S. and India deteriorated seriously during Barack Hussein Obama’s time in the white House.

President Obama’s conduct while in India where he refused to visit the Golden Temple further alienated India, and the disrespectful handling and arrest of one of India’s diplomats in December 2013 in New York pretty much destroyed whatever was left of any good relations between India’s previous Singh government and the U.S.

When Prime Minister Modi was elected in 2014, one of the first things then-President Obama did was to hammer on the Indian government about how they needed to ‘make a settlement on Kashmir’ with Pakistan. This shocked the Indians, who responded forcefully that the status quo was fine as far as they were concerned and Obama (this is almost a direct quote) was ‘barking up the wrong tree.’ He further angered them by excluding India from any meaningful input on Afghanistan, and by making a disgraceful deal with terrorist David Headly, AKA Daood Gilani.

Headly, you might remember, was the ‘point man’ for the hideous 2011 Mumbai terrorist
attacks promulgated by Lashkar-e-Tiaba and Pakistan’s ISI, scouting out targets in advance and recording coordinates for the terrorists on a GPS. The Obama Administration refused to even let Indian intel interrogate Headly directly, let alone extradite him.

Modi is a lot like Trump. He was elected when India’s economy was stagnant and has since made amazing progress in putting the Indian economy back on track. It’s not surprising the two of them seem to be getting along so well, especially since they both have another friend in common, Israel’s Benyamin Netanyahu. Like our President,  Modi and his BJP party have a strongly pro-Israel stance.

President Trump’s revitalizing America’s relationship with Israel, the Sunni emirates, Egypt and India  and his vastly improved chemistry with China are pointing in an obvious direction. Israel, America and the Sunnis have a common enemy in Iran, and India, Israel and China both have problems with Islamic extremism and terrorism.

What I think we’re seeing here is vastly improved ties and coalition building.