Antifa Professor Walks After Felony Assault Of Trump Supporters

Justice in California? Don’t make me laugh. Today, we saw how an Antifa  Professor walks with no jail time after assaulting Trump supporters and injuring three of them with a steel U-lock, officially classified as a deadly weapon according to California law.

Eric Clanton,a college philosophy professor, was originally charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, causing great bodily injury, plus a misdemeanor charge that Clanton wore a mask during the commission of the crime. Here’s a video of one of the assaults:

As you can see, the attack was entirely unprovoked, and Clanton did indeed wear a mask.

The police report stated previously that Clanton attacked at least three people with a metal U-lock during the April 15 rally in and around Civic Center Park. Actually, it came out in court that Clanton struck at least seven people in the head, according to authorities. One person received a head laceration that required five staples to fix. Another wasn’t hurt because he was wearing a helmet, but he was struck hard enough that a piece of a helmet broke off. A third was struck across the neck and back.

The police came to trial with a ton of evidence proving he was indeed the assailant, so that wasn’t at all in doubt. They also found lots of evidence that he was heavily involved in Antifa.

No one was killed, but you can’t say it wasn’t for lack of trying to do exactly that. Also, since he had both the mask and the weapon with him, it’s clear that what happened was premeditated. He came to the rally with the idea of beating down on some Trump supporters.

In California, the least you can get away with for felony assault if you can prove it was committed in a sudden fit or rage is 18 months to 6 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. Second-degree assault, which involves premeditation or multiple counts, especially with a deadly weapon is punishable by 2 to 8 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

But of course, this is Alameda County, this is Berkeley, and the people Eric Clanton willfully attacked were, you know, Trump supporters.

So guess what happened to Eric Clanton?

The California prosecutors allowed Clanton to enter a “no contest” plea Wednesday to one misdemeanor battery charge. The felony charges against him were all dismissed, and the charge that he had caused serious bodily injury was dropped and all mention stricken from the record.And the misdemeanor charge that Clanton wore a mask during the commission of the crime also was dropped, in spite of clear video evidence he had done exactly that!

Jail time? A fine? Nah. They let Eric Clanton off with – wait for it – three years probation.

That’s how an Antifa Professor walks away from four counts of felony assault.

I can almost hear the backstage planning on this one, with the DA’s talking to Clanton’s lawyer:

Look, there’s no way there’s any deniability or lack of intent. I mean, the cops got him dead to rights on video! But you know, we don’t really want him in jail for what he did, beating up those @##@@! Trump Nazis. But we can’t just let him off, either. You get him to plead no contest and we’ll get rid of all the charges except one misdemeanor,and we’ll give him probation for that. Heh heh, justice served, right?’

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As I’ve pointed out before, these vicious assaults by the Left always take place in territory they own, lock stock and barrel…like the Bay Area.

These, after all, are the same kind of folks who let Garcia Zarate, Kate Steinle’s illegal migrant killer walk away free as a bird.

When you’re in their territory, remember that they don’t care about justice, fairness, or even the merest notion of what’s right and wrong. The law and the oaths they swore mean nothing. It’s all about power for them. Power and nothing else.


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