At Some Point This Ends. By Jeffrey A. Friedberg.


At some point this ends.

It stops.

"Lefties with guns don't like being filmed, apparently. Stephen Lemons" -
“Lefties with guns don’t like being filmed, apparently. Stephen Lemons” –

All this tolerance, politeness, and wokeness.

All this bullshit worship of BLM and ANTIFA. All the indulgence and protection of them.

It stops.

Because at some point the police will have had enough.



(To fully comprehend the conflicted yet considered view, of the “other side,” please watch the entire video:)


Murderers pretending to be “peaceful” protestors may try to take their act into the hinterland.

Into the suburbs.

Murderers in ANTIFA, and BLM, seem to control the Woke, left wing of so-called government. In certain liberal cities. And in certain liberal states. Where they are coddled, tolerated, and worshipped.

Don’t you just hate that word? “Woke.”


Once they start actually believing enough in their own dumbass press-releases, and bullshit “news” coverage, and their “ownership” of all language, they will surely venture out of protected havens, into the hinterland, into the suburbs, and “be slaughtered like rabbits,” I am told.

Because—although the leftist mass media wants you to believe the murderers are just all warm, fuzzy, “peaceful protestors,” they are not. They have stated they are “trained Marxists,” and that they want to “kill your ass, and your whole family.”


Kids, this is some serious shit going on.

Do you understand? Can you understand? It’s not Game of Thrones. It’s not The Walking Dead. It’s not Captain America and his horde of pink pussy hats.

It’s real.

If they could, they would kill you, they say. And I believe they would.

They would, “load your white asses into boxcars,” they say. They would ship you off to be re-educated, re-stored, re-allocated, or just plain made dead and out of their way, they say.





So, Kids….

At some point it stops.


…and where will you be when it does? Stop?

Because I have heard it will all be over in time for lunch.




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