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What Antisemitism In Europe and The Campus Have In Common

Antisemitism in Europe and the campus. By Daniel Greenfield   Burkay, an unemployed Muslim Turk, wearing a stained white “Miami Beach” shirt attacked three Jewish people in Vienna, Austria. It was just another day in a city where Muslim terrorists had once thrown grenades into a synagogue during a Bar [Read More]

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The secret circle that controls governments

The secret circle that strives for World Control and One World Government.   NOTE: By Jeffrey A. Friedberg If I tell you the following article is about a secret circle, secret societies, Bigfoot, Mothman, or ancient Egyptian microwave pyramids—all favorites of the clueless, washed up, so-called, “media”—you might roll your [Read More]

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Media Censorship

Media censorship is snowballing way outside the box. The protective box of the First Amendment. Why? First one should comprehend this kind of word abortion was never intended for protection by the First Amendment. Next, that Conservative sources are being shut down, and out, one-by-one. Conservatives and the First Amendment—therefore—are [Read More]

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White Cop Saves White Child Left in Hot Car in Florida Overnight 12 Hours

A Cop saves child left in a hot car overnight for 12 hours, in Florida, and it makes national news. And he’s “a hero.” Why is it national news? Why is he a hero? First—make no mistake—that a cop saves a child is news. But he’s not necessarily a “hero,” [Read More]

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Trump Death Threats

Trump death threats seem to have become a tradition of the Obamanized, “fundamentally transformed America.” As president of the United States of America, Donald Trump puts his life and family on the line every day.  Trump and his family are repetitively threatened with death and various other sorts of harm – not [Read More]

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Liberal Hate And World Domination

Liberal hate is remorselessly bent upon world domination—of you.   This, from, Jon Rappoport, NoMoreFakeNews.com: “When several big-tech companies remove a person from their platforms in a 12-hour period, which is what happened to Alex Jones, you need to ask: “Where are the specific violations Jones is charged with? “Where [Read More]


White Caucasian Tourist Died in New York After “Man” (no race given, no skin color given) Punched Him In The Head

A white tourist died in New York City when a stranger he had mistaken for his Uber driver (no race given) punched him and his head struck the sidewalk. Breitbart.com A Florida tourist died after a driver [no race given] punched him in the head with such force that he [Read More]


Who The Hell Is US Senator Diane Feinstein? Her Link To China Is “Much More Than An Alleged Office Spy….”

  The Odd Case of Diane Feinstein and Red China…. By Jeffrey A. Friedberg   From Ben Weingarten /THE FEDERALIST EXCERPT: …This Is About Much More than a Chinese Spy Let us review the facts here. China has for almost 40 years cultivated warm relations with Feinstein. Feinstein has uniformly [Read More]

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Celebrating Greatness


By Jeffrey A Friedberg PRESIDENT TRUMP, quoting Dan Bongino on BusinessInsider.Com: “John Brennan is panicking. He has disgraced himself, he has disgraced the Country, he has disgraced the entire Intelligence Community. “He is the one man who is largely responsible for the destruction of American’s faith in the Intelligence Community [Read More]