August 21, 2017
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Scott Kirwin is a husband, a parent, and animal rescuer obsessed with Ancient Rome. He is a gun toting libertarian, and dedicated gentile Zionist who dreams of one day reading the carbonized scrolls in the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum. He's been blogging since Sept 2001 at

US Healthcare: It’s Complicated

August 18, 2017 Scott Kirwin 1

By Scott Kirwin Cross-posted at TheRazor I participate at Quora where I answer questions about ancient Roman history and Japanese culture, two of the great loves of my life. Quora is a multi-national forum where people can ask questions and post answers about almost anything. Most of the users are [Read More]


Israeli Postcards 2017: Feeling Jewish

May 22, 2017 Scott Kirwin 1

By Scott Kirwin – Cross posted at TheRazor Last in series. Part 1. Part 2. Coming of age in the 1970s when Israel was often in the news, usually battling for its survival, I developed a strong affinity to the Jewish state even though I knew little as a Catholic [Read More]


Israeli Postcards 2017: Jewish Stories

May 16, 2017 Scott Kirwin 3

By Scott Kirwin  Cross-posted at TheRazor 2nd in a 3-part series. Part 1. Part 3. In the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem at the craft beer stall the bartender’s accent gives him away. “I’m from Baltimore,” he says, and he’s lived in Israel for 7 years. I ask him what [Read More]


Israeli Postcards 2017: Preparations

May 14, 2017 Scott Kirwin 1

By Scott Kirwin – Cross posted at TheRazor First in a series. Part 2. Part 3. My first awareness of the Jews and Israel probably was typical for Catholics, the stories of the Bible told to us as children at school and church. But my first awareness of the State [Read More]

Social Issues

Fellow UC Alumni: Stop Donating to UC Schools

April 27, 2017 Scott Kirwin 0

By Scott Kirwin, UCSD ’91 My wife and I are alumni of University of California – San Diego. We are the type of alumni colleges like. We are professionally successful, financially secure and credit our education for a good part of that. In the past we have donated to our [Read More]


Fox News To Become MSNBC Clone

April 20, 2017 Scott Kirwin 2

By Scott Kirwin, cross-posted at TheRazor For more than 20 years Fox News has provided an outlet for conservative voices in the United States, but that may soon change under the leadership of James Murdoch, founder Rupert’s son. According to Michael Wolff writing in the Hollywood Reporter about the dismissal [Read More]


Chinese Carryout in North Korea

April 14, 2017 Scott Kirwin 0

By Scott Kirwin The change was subtle amid scrambled signals coming from out of the region. South Korean (ROK) intel was completely at odds with the American gleaned from Chinese intercepts. South Korean intelligence observers had seen Chinese uniforms before across the DMZ, but never more than a an advisor or two. [Read More]


United Airlines Forgets Capitalism Beats Up Passenger

April 11, 2017 Scott Kirwin 0

By Scott Kirwin, cross-posted at Social media is ablaze with video taken of a United passenger being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight to open a seat for a United employee. The video inspired this new United commercial by Jimmy Kimmel: I understand that airlines need to be profitable [Read More]

Social Issues

Transgender vs Transracial: The Smackdown

April 10, 2017 Scott Kirwin 0

By Scott Kirwin, Cross-posted at Remember Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president outed for being born a white girl? She’s been invited to South Africa to be the special guest at an event “intended to promote a dialogue for a ‘non-racial’ South Africa.” The American Left still hasn’t [Read More]


Japan Sits Out Refugee Crisis

April 10, 2017 Scott Kirwin 2

By Scott Kirwin. Cross-posted at TheRazor Do you know how many Syrian refugees the country of Japan has taken in? 100,000? 10,000? 1000? As of October 2016 they’ve accepted a total of 6, although the government plans to accept 300 over the next 4 years. Japan has no immigrant tradition [Read More]

Social Issues

Digging a Grave

March 31, 2017 Scott Kirwin 0

By Scott Kirwin Springs storms are rolling through my area of rural North Carolina. The cropped fields are greening up and the trees are leafing out. Near my house there is a tall hickory tree that my dogs, all rescues, like to play under. My 70 lb puppy in particular [Read More]


A Clockwork Orange Revisited

March 29, 2017 Scott Kirwin 0

By Scott Kirwin In the early 1980s I attended a Jesuit-run high school, and in my junior year was assigned the book “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess. After reading the book I saw the movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 starring Malcolm McDowell in a role I would [Read More]

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