Barack Obama And Louisiana Flooding: Projection

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Bill Clinton feeling his own pain. credit:
Bill Clinton feeling his own pain. credit:
Bill Clinton feeling his own pain.

By: Mike McDaniel.  I am not among the throng who think a President’s job to be Comforter-In-Chief. Bill Clinton might be blamed for this idiotic idea when he came up with the idea of traipsing around the nation whenever anything bad happened, to be photographed hugging a widow, child, etc., and muttering “I feel your pain.” Of course, such displays were all about Clinton, not the people whose pain he supposedly felt, often accompanied with a meaningful bite of his lower lip, and when he was particularly wound up, a staged tear or two. A flood or tornado are not occasions for a presidential photo op, which does nothing more than aggrandize the president. Any local that thinks “the president cares about me!”–particularly our current president–is deluded. Any federal help a state needs is not expedited by a lachrymose presidential jaunt.

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