Barack Obama: Dangerous Transformation

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credit: latimes
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Barack Obama began his reign as America’s first Emperor, Barack The First, with a world apology tour, which was going to make America respected again after the horrors of the George W. Bush years. Of course Mr. Obama assumed that the magnificence of his person, his on-again, off-again blackness, his Muslim street cred, and his obvious loathing of America and Americans would make the leaders of the nations fall in love with him, just as he is in love with him. He can’t resist himself, how could they? He would transform America, and he would transform the world. Now, nearly eight years later, we discover Mr. Obama has transformed the world, and as a result, may be resisted with previously unimaginable ease, as The NY Post reports: 

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  1. …it’s virtually impossible to think of a foreign leader that respects Barack Obama. Most dangerously, it’s virtually impossible to think of one that fears him…The few months left until January, 2017, may be the most dangerous in America’s history…

    The writing is on the wall for all to see. Yet, the first thing that Barack Obama does in the morning and the last at night is patting himself on the back and gushing at the vision of himself in the mirror.

    Bad time for America but an excellent opportunity for Iran, Russia and/or China to come at us.

    Should that occur, Obama the indecisive one playing for time will draw another red line in the sand.

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