Battered Moonbat Syndrome

My wife was having a conversation with a helplessly delusional liberal friend of ours the other day. To my wife’s surprise the friend expressed exasperation that Barack Obama has become such a disappointment. When my wife said “what do you expect, he is a terrible President that is failing the nation on all fronts!”, the friend responded that she “wouldn’t personally say that”. What we have here is a contradiction in terms. My wife’s friend recognizes that Barack Obama is a miserable failure but can’t bring herself to admit how much of a failure he is, instead sticking to the term “disappointment” but not willing to go further. Minutes later she is back to singing his praises or that of his goals. This is becoming a repeated pattern.

I have an explanation for this. I call it “Battered Moonbat Syndrome”.

Battered Moonbat Syndrome and it’s related cousin, Battered Nutroot Syndrome, are recognized psychological conditions to describe a liberal who, because of constant and severe psychological abuse by liberal peers, educators and elected Democratic Party officials, becomes incoherent and unable to display independent thought or take any independent action that would allow him to escape the abuse. The condition explains why liberals often do not make sense, fight with conservatives, shrug in silence or express frustration with a telltale “yawn” or “sheesh” when unable to defend their positions.

Sufferers have low self-esteem, repeated bouts of incoherence and often believe that their world view is everyone else’s fault. Such liberals usually refuse to contradict or correct their abuser, and refuse all offers of help, instead repeating the party line and disseminating out of context and incorrect myths as fact, often becoming aggressive or abusive to others who attempt to offer assistance. Although the condition usually affects young people and most of the mainstream media it has been shown to have an indirect affect on others that must suffer the consequences of liberal idiocy.

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Thus I propose the following  definition based on a similar encyclopedic description of similar syndromes:

Psychological and behavioral pattern displayed by unwitting and willing victims of Democrat Party Lies. Explanations that have evolved since the late 1970s include learned helplessness, a “cycle of ignorance” theory, and a form of post-election stress disorder. It has been used to support elitist arguments of self-defense, diminished responsibility, or insanity when accused of defending defenseless liberal notions in the face of facts, committing a lie while spewing left wing talking points, or provoking left wing hatred.

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