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This week’s contest was the most difficult one since I became The Watcher. The council members had wrapped themselves up in a 4 way tie until The Provacateur was moved to third place due to a technical deduction. This left three articles for consideration as exposing the week’s biggest weasels.

In the end however all articles are worthy of the first place title but I decided on The Colossus of Rhodey as being the one that represented the Watchers Council for most weasel worthy entity of the week. In that article Colossus discussed the latest rendition of the Sci-Fi blockbuster series Battlestar Galactica and how the plot mirrors the plight of Israel as exemplified by the leftist world view that Israel (People of Galactica) is the guilty party in the neverending war against the terrorists (Cylons) that want to wipe them out.

It is a particularly apt read and a perfect example of the ignorant masses that comprise a majority of the world left leaning activists and their sympathetic “victims” known as terrorists.

Along the way we’ve seen – and how – that moral ambiguity of which Dirk Benedict speaks. (For some specific commentary dealing with specific episodes, check out my in-depth reviews of past “Galactica” shows.) The Cylons have just committed genocide on a scale inconceivable, yet in one episode we witness Commander Adama (Olmos) pondering a past secret mission of his during the human-Cylon armistice in which he violated Cylon space. “Was this the trigger that gave the Cylons their excuse?” he wonders. Say what?? A treaty violation justifies the murder of billions??

In another episode, the human fleet discovers a means by which to virtually wipe out all the Cylons that are chasing them. The entire show focuses on the morality of utilizing this means, and the humans ultimately decide not to make use their new-found weapon. Yep – some forty thousand humans remain out of tens of billions, the Cylons are trying to kill this paltry remainder, yet the surviving humans do not want to “lower themselves” by emulating the Cylons’ actions. Yeah. OK.
Sound somehow familiar? Let’s take a gander:

There we have the nation of Israel. Founded after a genocide against the people who now make up the majority of its inhabitants, it was swiftly attacked by an overwhelming force shortly after attaining statehood. Twice more, the vast armies of its surrounding neighbors sought to eradicate the Jewish state. Twice more, just like with that first attack, Israel’s would-be conquerors were vanquished. The people who were destined to possess a state alongside Israel, the Palestinians, thus remained stateless, thanks to those who supposedly fought on their “behalf,” their Arab brethren of the adjacent sovereign states.

In that second major conflict (1967), Israel gained a substantial amount of territory whilst driving back the various Arab armies. It’s held onto some of it until this day, mainly because it wants guarantees of recognition of its right to exist, and a dissolution of things like the Hamas Charter which openly calls for Israel – and Jews everywhere – to be annihilated. Yet, a very large portion of the world demands that Israel “just give back” what it gained — in a defensive war — fighting, as it always does, for its very survival. Most recently, this same large portion of the world has cried out in self-righteous indignation about the “horrors” that Israel is inflicting upon the Palestinian people – the same people that would have had a state 60 years ago had they and their Arab brothers accepted what the United Nations (yes, the very same United Nations whose edicts everyone NOW wants countries to follow, most especially Israel) granted in the 1948 Partition Plan – even though Israel 1) is not responsible for the plight of the Palestinians in the first place, and 2) has been enduring ceaseless terrorist activity from the Palestinians, even after unilaterally vacating the Gaza Strip three years ago.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Humans = somehow responsible for their own genocide in “Battlestar Galactica;” Israel = somehow responsible for the Palestinian plight, not to mention practically every other ill in the mid-east.

For a second week in a row Big Hollywood comes in first place with his second installment discussing the Hollywood rendition of the Battle of Algiers and how the propaganda spewed in that movie was just another installment of Hollywood tripe that seeks to justify Islamic terror.

We have a theme! Please read all the winning entries and pass them on to your friends and fellow watchers of weasels!!

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