Be Careful What you Wish For

Both Council and Non-Council winners deal with the false optimism catered in by the idea of hope and change. The Razor’s winning entry discusses the history of the world wide symbol of peace. Rather than concentrate on the the idea of peace the Razor delves into the forces that used the symbol as a weapon to weaken the United States through propagandistic means, preaching peace while using the ideas to trick it’s people into ceding strength; as if deterrent cannot foster peace.

John Stossel wrote his winning entry at the Real Clear Politics blog. Like the winning council entry he too discusses a topic that deals in hope and change as a tool to promote the domestic agenda behind Barack Obama’s utopian vision of American society. Using flowery yet ambivalent terms such as “blueprint for reform” the Obama vision is using the bad economy as a crutch to bring about social change for the ordinary citizen. Yet history has proven that economic recover and social reform can not be achieved with one grand act based on an ideological precept. The two are by nature at odds because a government imposed burden never transforms itself into a free market system.

Obama wants to act quickly. In the name of stimulating the economy, he plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars the government does not have to convert the economy from carbon-based fuels to “green” alternatives. Even if that were a good idea — and it’s definitely not ( — it would not bring recovery. Any money the government spends must be taxed, borrowed or conjured out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, and that will reduce sound private investment. Obama has no real wealth to inject into the economy. He can only move around existing money while inflation robs us of purchasing power. Meanwhile, private investors who might have produced a better engine, battery, computer, cancer treatment or other wealth-creating and life-enhancing innovations hold back for fear that big government will undermine productive efforts.

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