Beach privilege? WTF?

I repeat, again, my belief that it is impossible to parody the Left. I believe William Teach agrees

Sadly, this is not The Onion, as brought to us via Brett T at Twitchy

Consider, for example, the Beach Boys. Some may remember when the country unified behind President Reagan to demand that the band be allowed to play the Independence Day concert on the National Mall, despite a caution by Interior Secretary James Watt that rock bands attracted the wrong element to the festivities.

Those were simpler times, and the idea that the Beach Boys were ever a national treasure shared by all has been challenged recently in the New York Review of Books. Ben Ratiff made his own waves by exposing the ugly truth: the Beach Boys’ biggest hits were nothing more than “poem of unenlightened straight-male privilege, white privilege, beach privilege” that played no part in helping anyone achieve their social rights.

Good Freaking Grief!

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