Betsy DeVos’s qualifications and Oakland’s Illegal Immigrants’ Fund

Betsy DeVos

I exhausted my self with last night’s lengthy Bookworm Beat, but I have two points — one about Betsy DeVos’s qualifications to be Education Secretary and the other about Oakland’s fund for illegal immigrants — that I believe go a long way to summing up so much of what’s wrong with Progressives.

First, I want to raise a thought that occurred to me in connection with a very specific attack against Betsy DeVos (whose position as Education Secretary may fall before two Republicans who have taken massive sums of money from teacher’s unions — unions that happen to be the most powerful unions in many blue states and that are nothing more than money laundering entities for the Democrat party). Here’s the offending poster:


The message, of course, is that DeVos cannot possibly serve as Education Secretary, making policy decisions about American public education, because she never got a teaching degree.

Before I get to the DeVos portion of this discussion, I want to address the sign-carrier’s unspoken contention that she is smart and knowledgeable, thanks to her teaching degree. I wouldn’t assume that at all.

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