[VIDEO] Watch Bill Nye collapse during a climate change interview

Bill Nye Tucker Carlson Climate Change

Watch and enjoy as the smug Bill Nye has a cognitive dissonance moment when he is incapable of answering Tucker Carlson’s simple science question.

Have you ever heard the word “tergiversate”? It’s a great word meaning to make conflicting or evasive statements or to equivocate. That word perfectly describes what Bill Nye, the so-called “science guy,” starts doing when Tucker Carlson asked him to produce data to support his catastrophic climate change assertions. In a millisecond, he goes from making smug, unsubstantiated assertions about the fact that climate change is undeniable, to a dodging and weaving rat, incapable of answering an actual science question:

To really understand what you just saw, let me hand the mic to Scott Adams:

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