Bookworm Beat 10/28/18 — the illustrated edition and open thread

Illustrated Edition Beto Cruz

I’ve spent some time trawling across the internet for the best posters about the invasion, stupid Leftists, elections, #Blexit, and much more. Have fun!

I was working on a long post that made perfect sense when I woke up at 3 am thinking about it. By the time I’d worked on it for more than an hour, though, I realized that it did not make perfect sense. It made no sense. That sent me on a mental flash back to my high school German class. I hated that class, which meant I studied as little as possible. One day, though, I went into an exam very confident, because I had a dream in which I knew all the answers. When I took the test, I drew on the dream for my test responses — and got an F.

I keep getting reminded that dreams have their own logic, one that doesn’t work well in the waking world. So instead of a silly dreamscape post, you get an illustrated edition.

Illustrated edition

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