Bookworm Beat 11/6/16 — the “election countdown” edition and open thread

I’m going to try here to throw in as many good links as I can to help you to prepare for the upcoming election — and to understand the bizarre cultural Marxism that underlies so much of the battle in America today, as well as dislocations in the Middle East which are driving many pathologies throughout the Western world. Here goes:

No matter how bad Trump is, Hillary’s worse. One of the most infuriating things (at least for me) about this election is the grotesque hypocrisy on the Left. (Yeah, I know — what else is new?) This time, the hypocrisy takes the form of blackening Trump’s reputation in the most obscene way, while pretending that Hillary is a woman without stain. At least conservatives honestly acknowledge Trump’s personal weaknesses, only to focus on the strengths he brings to his candidacy. Meanwhile, on the Left, a substance-free St. Hillary is running against Satan incarnate. Thankfully, Ann Coulter has, with her usual élan, totally destroyed the Left’s line of argument. If you’re wavering, read it.

Hubris and ugliness. In fact, Lefty lies to the contrary, Hillary is deeply flawed. She lacks the humanity that would make an interesting epic character but, boy, does she have the hubris and arrogance that’s brought many people down. Couple that with Weiner’s compulsions and Comey’s cowardice and you have an election that, on the Democrat side of the aisle, reads like a badly written Green tragedy.

Will chaos theory still control the election? With Hillary being buffeted by Wiki- and Weiner-leaks, is she the chaos candidate in this election? And in that regard, I don’t think Comey’s reiterated decision not to recommend her for prosecution matters. Once he created an entirely fictional “lack of intent” standard and read it into the controlling statutes, unless there was an email standing, “I, Hillary Clinton, intend to violate national security laws because I’m stupid, for my convenience, and to hide the flow of illegal cash into my false charity and my very real deep pockets,” there was no way Comey could ever find anything that would justify referring her to the DOJ. That’s why he was able to get his team to “review” 650,000 emails in just a few days. But back to chaos theory. Neo-Neocon thinks that as Trump begins to look like the more stable candidate, the crown that Hillary managed to wear for much of the campaign season, he seems like the safer bet.

If you think Hillary’s bad, wait until you see Tim Kaine. I assume that, if Hillary wins, she won’t be in office long, as she’ll either die from whatever disease is bedeviling her or she’ll be arrested or impeached. Her departure from the White House won’t make things better. If you think Hillary’s an antisemitic Leftist, you ain’t seen nothing yet: Tim Kaine is much worse.

Linda Tripp — Hillary is worse than you imagine. Almost two decades after the Blue Dress, most people tend to think of Linda Tripp solely in the context of being Monica Lewinsky’s confidante. In fact, she pretty much sat right outside Hillary’s office, and had a front row seat to the true horrors of Hillary’s personal style and her politics. Given that Hillary’s corruption and pathologies have gotten worse in the intervening decades, we have to assume that everything she is and does will be exponentially worse.

The end of the rule of law. One of the reasons I think Hillary cannot win is because putting her in the White House sets the seal to the end of the Rule of Law in America. Since the Magna Carta, the Anglosphere has operated on the principle that no one is above the law, not even the King (or President). If Hillary gets the White House, we’ve abandoned that ancient, liberty-based principle and, in effect, created an American emperor. And if you’re wondering just how different the standards are for Hillary versus everyone else, just look at this nice graphic comparing her to General Petraeus.

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