Bookworm Beat 1/22/17 — the vulgar gals who march edition [NSFW]

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Vulgar gals who march on DC

My Facebook feed is swimming in proudly posted pictures of vulgar gals out there protesting just about everything, united only by their crudity, their hated, their stupidity, and their  infantile sexual obsessions.

I keep telling myself that something that agitates this many Americans is something we need to take seriously — but then I look at what these women (and some guys) are doing and I think, “No, there’s nothing serious about them. Sick? Yes. Vulgar? Definitely. Hate-filled? Sadly. Stuck in a 13-year-old boy’s brain when it comes to sexuality? Yes. But no, they’re not serious.”

The one great thing about these protesters is that they’ve renewed my conviction that I voted for the right candidate . . . and it wasn’t Hillary.

One caveat: Unless you’re a very open-minded parent or you work in a very open-minded office, these pictures are inappropriate for children or workplaces.

One has to wonder if she realizes she’s got her head (or maybe the rest of her body) up her ass.
She makes exactly the same point John F. Kennedy used to make in private to his friends.

To see more vulgar gals, please go here.

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