The boundless ignorance of “well-informed” Progressives

Since I started on my real-me Facebook many years ago, I have filled my feed almost entirely with two things: (1) offbeat, funny, and quirky stories to entice my friends to read my feed and (2) stories about rising antisemitism at home and around the world. For domestic stories, I daily link to news stories about  rampant, naked antisemitism on America’s college and university campuses; the antisemitism powering the BDS movement; the antisemitism that’s become integral to the Black Lives Matter movement; the antisemitism that animates intersectionality; and the antisemitism in the Nation of Islam, which gave birth to Keith Ellison. Each of those incubators for antisemitism, of course, is a core Democrat constituency that neither the DNC nor any Democrat candidate (including Hillary) has ever disavowed.

For international stories, I point daily to the doings at the UN, to Iran’s routine assertions that it will annihilate Israel (a goal closer to reality thanks to Obama’s willingness to hand hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran), to the blatantly antisemitic attacks that terrorists have folded into the larger terrorist attacks that grabbed headlines; and to the endless Palestinian depredations against Israeli citizens. During the knife intifada, I was posting stories about murderous attacks every day — and sometimes several times a day.

Invariably, the articles I posted to Facebook came from specialty publications, catering to conservatives, Jews, and Israel supporters: Israeli newspapers, Jewish blogs, Stand With Us, UN Watch, Campus Watch, the Gatestone Institute, and the Clarion Project, to name just a few. I turned to these specialty publications because most of the stories never made it into the mainstream media.

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Throughout the years, my Facebook friends have responded to these posts in two ways: my few conservative friends invariably commented on these posts; the rest of my friends — all of whom are Progressives — ignored them entirely.

So let me sum up here: For the last decade at least, the American mainstream media has downplayed or ignored rampant antisemitism at home and abroad, including antisemitism at the heart of the Democrat party. Likewise, for the last several years, my Progressive friends have been equally willing to turn a blind eye to this antisemitism. Indeed, they’ve been supportive of Obama’s increasingly overt efforts to isolate Israel from both the US and America, leaving it (and the Jews within it) prey to the thugs surrounding her, including a potentially nuclear Iran.

Let me distill that summation even more: Throughout the Bush and the Obama years, Progressives have been entirely okay with surging, violent antisemitism, both at home and abroad.

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