#BoycottTheBoycotters: Organizing against the new Jim Crow


I have to admit to being baffled that more people are not angry and joining with me in #BoycottingTheBoycotters. Instead, they seem disturbingly comfortable with the fact that a growing list of businesses at home and abroad have determined that 62,000,000 Americans have placed themselves so far beyond the pale that these businesses will no longer accept their custom and their money. To that end, they’ve promised, not only to pull ads from Breitbart, but to pull ads from any other site the mentally decompensating Progressives deem “racist” or “bigoted.”

As far as I’m concerned, we’re looking at the new Jim Crow. In this 21st century variation on a Democrat theme, Trump supporters, based upon the vile libel that Donald Trump is a racist, are cast in the role of American blacks. The boycotting businesses, meanwhile, are precisely replicating those Democrat-run businesses in the Jim Crow South who would not serve blacks.

To get a sense of the speed with which this Jim Crow initiative is growing, check out the latest chart I made which highlights in red the businesses that have gone Jim Crow in just three days (click on the chart to enlarge). I’m willing to bet that you’ve done business with several of these companies in the last few years. (I mean, Elsevier, for goodness sakes, which is one of the largest information sites in the world, and Kaplan Test Prep, which all of us, or are children, have used.)

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