Brooke Whipple–Early America, Pioneers, TV Stars, You Tube Sensations–and Brooke Whipple.

Brooke Whipple, YouTube.Com

You might be asking, “WHO or what is Brooke Whipple?”

Brooke Whipple – YouTube
Opinion: by Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Brooke Whipple is like nobody else. In her quiet and sincere way, she seems to make current female “role models,” icons, and “superheroes,” look fake and faint.

Politics aside, I have no idea what her views are, and it does Not matter. Not to me, and not to you.

Brooke Whipple (real names) is a rare person. Brooke is a TV Star, and YouTube Sensation–known as, “GIRL IN THE WOODS.”

Is she a prophetess, model, and wonder woman? Yes, maybe.

KEEP your Greta, Whoopi, Joy, Alexandria, Ilhan, Rashid, Adam, Nancy, and all the rest.

Brooke Whipple is a mother, wife, dog and cat-owner, a happy person, camper, survivalist, satirist, bold, courageous, and innovative.

Adventurer. Speaker. Joy miner. These words have come to define Brooke’s life- first growing up in rural Michigan and then searching for wilderness and mountains in Alaska where she has spent most of her adult life. Along the way she became a filmmaker, author, outdoor educator, and guide, eventually ending up on three TV shows: Yukon River Run on the National Geographic Channel, and ALONESeason 4 & Season 5 on the History Channel.

​With only 10 items, Brooke…survived 49 days alone on Vancouver Island in B.C., Canada, and Brooke survived 28 days alone in Mongolia. She has lots of stories to tell!


Brooke Whipple can run a chain saw, work a video camera, dig a Dakota fire-pit, skin a deer, build a fire in rain or snow, cook a moose, drive a truck, construct a shelter from nothing, toss wooden pallets around like crackers, looks great–and a lot more.

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Brooke Whipple seems to be the consummate woman–like an early America pioneer.

I’m talking, all, like, Jim Bowie, Kit Carson, Josefa Jaramillo, Ann Preston, David Crockett, Daniel Boone, Jim Bridger, and every early American–male or female–who fended for him or herself in the wild frontiers of America.

In addition to All this, Brooke Whipple is Real.

At all times Brooke is a real person. Like a modern Socrates, or Hypatia, she delivers seemingly offhanded, yet, wise, and sincere remarks that hit home runs.

She will sit and talk directly to you. Not only about, say, camping, or building a campfire–but about life, living, and what we should do with our short time on Earth.

Brooke Whipple – YouTube

Brooke is not some dumb, inexperienced kid, like a Greta, or Hogg. She is a mature woman approaching middle age, but who seems much younger in expressed thoughts, actions, behavior, and innate good looks.

Brooke knows what she is talking about. I know–because I’m 75. I have seen it all three times, done it all six times, and got the tattoo.

When Brooke speaks about Life and Stuff — usually from beside a self-made campfire — she inspires.

Brooke Whipple is inspirational.

Brooke Whipple – YouTube and JAF Images


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