Broward County Election Dept’s History of Malfeasance and Voter Fraud.

In 2000, Broward County’s corrupt election board earned its reputation as ground zero for endless irregularities ranging from machines that malfunctioned and/or rigged, misplaced ballot boxes, depressing votes, you name it which to a challenge of the 2000 presidential election George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Democrat and climate change fascist, Al Gore, lost but it appears to have been the last time that a Democrat would lose an election based on the same irregularities particularly in Broward County.

Broward County, although not alone, in 2002 experienced a massive computer glitch resulting in more than 103,000 ballots not being counted on Election night.

One can probably chalk the incident up to a test run being that the glitch did not affect election results.  The problem is that it occurred…statewide.

In 2003, then Florida governor, Jeb Bush, fired Broward County’s Elections Supervisor, Miriam Oliphant[1] replacing her with Brenda Snipes. Oliphant failed to heed Bushes warnings leaving him no alternative.  Bush should have gone one step further by purging the Broward’s Elections Department of staffers under Oliphant[2], many of whom until this day remain in place.

It is safe to say that Snipes continued where Oliphant left off. Since 2003 nothing would change with the exception of Broward County’s Election Board honing their skills of tampering with election results.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott elected in 2010, erred by not firing Snipes and purging Broward County’s Election Department of its many bad apples.

2004 Presidential Election Season:

Weeks before the 2004 presidential election, at least 58,000 of Broward County’s absentee ballots did not reach the mailboxes of voters. Adding to that, Snipes made no effort to correct the inadequacies that plagued Broward County’s Election Department prior to her arrival.

When called out for her department’s failures, she blamed the post office and partisanship, “There’s been a whole lot of partisanship about the election, so everything that happens is magnified,” she said. “But when we see something functioning like it shouldn’t, we fix it immediately.”

The post office said that it was not to blame. In the meantime, Florida’s law enforcement investigated the matter and found no criminal wrong-doing.

Within 48 hours of the election, a glitch in Broward County’s election machines’ software was discovered.  The software was only able to count up to 32,000 votes after which the machines continued to count but in the reverse.

Just as Christmas is not the same without a tree and lights, the same goes for Broward County’s voter malfeasance by Brenda Snipes.

2014 Election Season:

In violation of Florida Statute 97.053, it was discovered that Broward County had assigned at least 2,000 voters to a “phantom voting district” by using a UPS mailbox listed as the Broward Government Center in Ft. Lauderdale as their “place of residence.”

One year earlier, Media Trackers discovered that at least 1,100 voters used the address of UPS stores as their place of residence to register to vote.

2016 Election Season:

Snipes whose specialty ranges from finding and illegally opening ballots, allowing illegal aliens and felons to vote, leaving amendments off ballots and destroying ballots.

Broward County’s Election Board, in 2016, posted election results before the polls closed.  Who does this stuff?  DEMOCRATS! (Rest assured, it’s not just Broward County or Palm Beach, Florida where election fraud by government officials is occurring.)

Enter 2018 Election Season:

So much for that election expert from Tallahassee assigned to Snipes several months ago to make sure that Snipes didn’t break any laws.

At what point does one have to realize that these occurrences have nothing to do with incompetency and everything to do with fraud.  The system is rigged and those rigging it are making a mockery of our system and its laws. Therefore, to say that Snipes is incompetent insults the intelligence of voters.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the rescue because how else will she win elections?

Snipes under the protection of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Soros connection is corrupt as hell.  If necessary she’ll play every victim card in her deck.

To hear Schultz tell it Snipes has done nothing wrong but insurmountable evidence over the years proves otherwise.

As of this morning the Communist media complex is attempting to paint the fraud committed perpetrated by the Broward County’s Election Board as a conspiracy theory and much to do about nothing.  Good luck with that.

And then there is Georgia.

The Republican Party, particularly Republican governors across the country had better get on top of this problem.  Progressives have spent the past 18 years honing their skills in manipulating and altering elections, the endgame of which benefits…Progressives.

Shut it down now or suffer in 2020.


[1] After being fired from her position as supervisor of Broward County’s Elections by Jeb Bush in 2003, it appears that Oliphant was compensated for her efforts with when hired by Broward County’s School Board as a high school counselor.

Oliphant was hired as a substitute teacher at an annual salary of $35,000 per annum. Six months later she somehow secured a position as guidance counselor. Her salary was increased to $42,450 per annum and then, six months after that, (July 2008), Oliphant’s salary shot up to a whopping $75,200.

Hired with a two-year temporary teaching certificate, Oliphant had until June 30, 2009 to obtain proper certification but she failed the math portion of the exam thus leading to her termination. (Source: School district explains Oliphant’s massive pay hike, Miami Herald, July 16, 2009)

[2] Between 2000 and 2003, in spite of repeated warnings from Bush, Oliphant continued business as usual (sound familiar) and overspent her Department’s 2002 budget by nearly $1 million by doling out double-digit raises to “favored” staff members and refusing to hold contractors accountable.


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